People having account with MCAB Mawsynram branch face difficulties

Shillong, June 21: A large number of account holders under Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank (MCAB), Mawsynram Branch who are the citizens from Mawsynram Block have encountered the significant difficulties recently when interacting with one of the branch employee in regarding with their bank accounts while dealing into the Bank.

The MCAB Mawsynram branch’s employee under Mawsynram branch doesn’t have capabilities on how even to treat with the bank customers into the branch with respect when they are visited to the bank whether they are going to make a deposit or even withdrawal the money.

Many person especially along to the senior citizens under Mawsynram areas who are having the personal account in to the bank are poorly educated and they are living under rural areas, particularly for those who reside in Mawsynram Block.

Every time they visit the bank, they require the employees to assist them in getting a thorough explanation or information about all the ways on how the bank may help them become completely trusted customers or even in the bank’s transactions.

Mr. Banshai Marbaniang, a social activist and concerned citizen from the state of Meghalaya as well as a native person from Mawsynram, the MCAB Banking customers from Mawsynram branch have complained about his character and his situation to him for his rudeness and attitude, which is treating the account holders like his own slaves.

He also talked louder, used vulgar language, and showed no respect for the importance of treating customers fairly or even every bank employee fairly when they are coming to the bank for banking-related matters.

While in meetings with MCAB Bank employees, several of them from Shillong City or even other parts of the state capital brought up his character and expressed their hatred for him as a bank employee who lacks decorum.

Mr. Bashai stated that he is  standing in collaborating with bank account holders and adhering to citizenship rights in relation to this matter concerning bank personnel, particularly when they are bank customers under the Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank (MCAB), Mawsynram Branch.

He  advocating for the fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution and have served a memorandum to the Managing Director of Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank (MCAB) Head Office, Shillong, Meghalaya, in order to make him transferable to any other State branches or in the worst case scenario to prevent him from remaining in the position in order to continue serving bank consumers.

As the social activist from the state, along with the account holders, we are demanding to remove him from the Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank (MCAB), Mawsynram branch, by replacing him in his position with someone who is well mannered and well respected by the customers as well as those in every other position of the bank.



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