Report say Jackfruit wastage in Garo Hills is more than Rs. 434 core annually

Jackfruit is an organic fruit that grow in Garo Hills

Tura June 30: The  Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA) in collaboration with East Garo Hills District Basin Unit will hold a two day “Jackfruit Festival” on 11th and 12th of july next nonth under Meghalaya Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion Program (MIBDLP).

Jackfruit, the biggest organic fruit is one among our highly neglected food resource. It is paradoxical that Garo Hills wastes 80% of the fruits while people suffer from lack of proper nutrition and Income. This is the Jackfruit season. As usual, this year also huge numbers of Jackfruits would be rotting under the tree, if proper interventions are not made.

In the Detailed Project Report, an attempt is made to calculate the economical value of the rotting fruits. The figures are startling. In East Garo Hills, its coming to more than Rs. 118 Crores per season. In the entire Garo Hills, its coming to more than Rs.434 Crores per season.

In this backdrop, the two day “Jack Fruit festival” at Williamnagar with an aim to create large scale awareness about the utility of the fruit as well as to explore and nurture the livelihood opportunities with jackfruit.

The main features of the Festival are: Exhibition Stalls, 2-Day State Level Workshop on “Jack fruit- for local food security and Livelihood”, Cooking Competition of Jackfruit Products, Jackfruit Eating Competition, Biggest Jackfruit Competition and Seminar. The Competitions are open to all the citizen of Meghalaya. We expect lot of enthusiastic participation from all over Garo Hills for biggest Jackfruit competition.

This can also become a platform for setting world records, if possible. It is to be noted that the Guinness world record for the biggest jackfruit stands in the name of a Hawaiian farmer. However this weighed only 34.4 kg. Garo Hills has potential to beat this record if awareness is made through these kind of festivals.(SP News)


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