RNB Cements adopt Akira Miyawaki model of plantation elaborates how to plant a ‘dense forest’

Dr Shantanu Kumar Dutta along with the RNB Group plant Akira model at Umiam

Shillong, June 25: The   RNB Cements, one of the most modern cement makers in North East India, embarks on a new innovative initiative. In a plantation program carried out on 25.06.2013, at their plant in Barapani Industrial Area, Umiam, in Ri Bhoi district, they introduced an innovative eco-development system.

Under the guidance of Dr Shantanu Kumar Dutta, Environment Engineer, Central Pollution Control Board, they planted 375 native species trees by adopting Akira Miyawaki Method of Environment Forest Plantation.  Akira Miyawaki model of plantation elaborates how to plant a ‘dense forest’ for environmental protection instead of ‘planting a tree’.

‘Akira Miyawaki Model’ of Environment Forest Plantation was developed by Professor Akira Miyawaki, Prof Emeritus in  Yokohama National University, Japan. It is a form of dense plantation to recreate dense native forests. This is done by planting species of Potential Natural Vegetation (PNV), which is selected on the basis of vegetation surveys in nearby ecologically undisturbed areas. This ‘dense plantation model’ has been conceived and perfected in Japan and the model is used today around the world for creating dense environment protection forests. It helps  to rehabilitate degraded land, generate and enhance ecological wealth out of native natural resources and in attaining a stable ecosystem

In Japan, this plantation process has been widely appreciated by both industries and non-profit organizations. Community involvement is another major contribution of the Miyawaki method, where local populace and schools are encouraged to join the plantation movement. ‘Plantation festival’ is organized under the program and hundreds of people take part in the dense plantation where 3 to 4 species of saplings are planted  per square  meter of land.

RNB Cements have taken the initiative to develop Environment Protection Forests in North Eastern India. It has joined the movement initiated by the  Dr Shantanu Dutta, who  is encouraging industries to create such forests, which will act as  large sink for Carbon Di Oxide and shall help in Noise Pollution Control.

It is worth mentioning that Dr Shantanu Dutta had   attended a training programme entitled ‘Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands in Asia and Africa’ organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in  Yokohama, Japan in 2011 and had the opportunity to learn the method of dense plantation from Prof Emeritus  Akira Miyawaki. He has acquired good knowledge about  the Akira Miyawaki Model of Environment Forest Plantation and since 2012, he has been guiding various industries in the North East for development of ‘environmental protection forest’ besides guiding the industries for  improvement in environmental management. He said “Efforts are on to generate ‘Environmental Protection Forests’ in various mining areas and  industrial premises  in the North East and thus to validate the Miyawaki model in North East India.”

Mr RS Sharma, President, RNB Cements, was all for such initiatives, “We are happy that we are able to, take forward the initiative of the Central Pollution Control Board. Thanks to Dr Shantanu Dutta’s leadership, we hope that the saplings we plant today, will help enrich the ecosystem of the area substantially.” he said.

Mr RD Sing, Vice President, RNB Cements felt “The industries should take up the call of the Central Pollution Control Board. If all industries together strive to create Environmental Protection Forests, North East India would be a wonderful balance of forestry and industry, making it one of the most ecologically stable regions of the world.”

RNB Cements is about to bring in the newest and the finest cement of the North East.It will be a cement sourced from the best of materials, and be made at the mostmodern, integrated processes, at North East’s ultimate postmodern factory. It is apart of the RNB Group. Trust is the driving force of the Group. It is the oldest group of companies in Shillong, where the group has established its goodwill for the last 80 years.(SP News)



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