Phone call between Prime Minister of India  and President of the United Republic of Tanzania

New Delhi, June 12: The Prime Minister warmly recalled his July 2016 visit to Dar-es-Salaam and stressed on the importance that India attaches to its traditionally friendly ties with Tanzania. He reiterated India’s commitment to partnering [...]

Rynjah Police arrested Dr Jhutan of NEIGHIRMS for alleged molestation of two women

Shillong, June 12: The Police of Rynjah Police Station today arrested Dr Jhutan Chowdhury of NEIGHIRMS as he was allege of molestation, he was produce before the  court and he was kept under judicial custody for 14 days. The FIR was file on [...]

Kumba 60% ki briew kim siew ia ka “Professional Tax” sha ka KHADC: Paul Lyngdoh

Shillong, Jylliew 12: U bah Paul Lyngdoh EM ba dei peit ia ka lum khajna hapoh jong ka KHADC mynta ka sngi u la lum ia ka jingialang jong ki ophisar ban ia kren kumno ban pynbha ia ka jinglum ia ka khajna kaba dei na ka “Professional Tax”. Haba [...]

Da u khun shynrang kha ka long kmie ba shitom COVID-19 ha NEIGHIRMS Hospital

Shillong, Jylliew 12: U Myntri ba dei peit ia ka tnad ka koit ka khiah jong ka jylla u bah A L Hek u ai ka jingkitbok kitrywiang ia ka kmie kaba la ioh ia ka jingshitom COVID-19 kaba la kha ia u khun shynrang mynta ka sngi ha NEIGHIRMS Hospital. U [...]

All N.E States to have e-office, proposes a joint steering committee to take project forward

New Delhi, June 12: The Union Minister of State for Personnel, PG and Pensions Dr. Jitendra Singh today advised to set up e-office in all 8 North Eastern States in a stipulated timeframe. Addressing a webinar on the subject was attended by Chief [...]

In Meghalaya COVID-19 patients who have recovered are 19, active cases 24: AL Hek

Shillong, June 12: Meghalaya Health Minister Mr Alexander Hek today inform that in Meghalaya COVID-19 patients who have recovered are 19 and active cases have reduce to 24 out of 44 who have contacted with the virus and one deceased. Healths [...]

Kiba pynklumar ki dei ki Kunda ki khlem kam, ka ain kan sa leh ia kaba don kam: Prestone

Shillong, Jylliew 12: U Symbut Myntri Rangbah ka jylla u bah Prestone Tynsong u la ong ba kito kiba pynklumar ki dei ki kunda, ki khlem kam ka ain kan sa leh ia kaba don kam. La aiti sha ki DC bad ki SP ban peit ba kan ain kan leh ia kaba don [...]

The N.F Railway identified 20 stations for placement of COVID-19 Care Centers

Maligaon, June 12: Sustaining the fight against Covid-19, Indian Railways is making an all-out effort to supplement the health care efforts of the Government of India. Indian Railways has geared up to provide its 5231 COVID Care Centers to the [...]

Ka bai shong kali kan long katkum ka “Meter System” ia ki Local Taxi bad Auto: Prestone

Shillong, Jylliew 12: Ka bai shong kali kan long katkum ka “Meter System” ia ki Local Taxi bad ia ki Autorickshaw, kane ka long katkum ka ain jong ka sorkar pdeng Motor Vehicle Act, ia kane la phah sha ka Transport Department ba kan leh [...]

Kitbok ka SUPB ia u Chairman u bah HS Shylla ba un ioh noh ia ka jingkoit jingkhiah

Shillong, Jylliew 12: U Bah Thomas Passah u la iathuh ba u  Chairman Jong ka “Sur U Paidbah Hynniewtrep” Bah HS Shylla u don ha pdeng ka jingshitom bad mynta u shah sumar hapoh Woodland Hospital. Kumta ia ki kam jong la kynhun un bteng [...]
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