The CCORMAU asked Mr. Conrad to constitute inquiry on alleged irregularities in MeECL

Shillong, April 29: The Coordination Committee of Registered MeECL (Employees) Associations and Unions (CCORMAU) today sent the letter to the Chief Minister Mr Conead K Sangma that contain the resolution adopted by the assoction.

The letter that was sent today to the Chief Minister stated that the CCORMAU on the various recent events that have put the MeECL and the Power Department in the spotlight.

In view of the many alleged irregularities in MeECL being depicted daily in print and electronic media, the CCORMAU strongly urges your kind office to take immediate steps to constitute an Independent Inquiry Commission to look into all the irregularities and scams in the MeECL.

The CCORMAU mention such as power theft by the Byrnihat based Industries along with the alleged collusion of MeECL employees based on CMD’s inspection at Byrnihat area, Waiver of Penalty Bill, Enterprise Resource Planning, Smart Metering, Saubhagya Scheme.

The Special Tariff to the BIA, One Time Settlement Scheme, Concessions during COVID19 provided to the Industries, Power Banking and Swapping, Resignation of the Independent Director etc.

Further, the CCORMAU urges that this inquiry should also include within its ambit, the various allegations of wrongdoings which have been levelled against the leaders of the CCORMAU, as seen in the media.

COORMAU urgently impresses that this Commission should look into all aspects of alleged wrongdoings and scams in the Power Sector in general and the MeECL in particular.

If there is no action on the above within 60 (sixty) days, then the CCORMAU shall reinstate the President and further course of action shall be decided.

The CCORMAU insists that anyone found guilty should not be spared and that exemplary punishment should be meted out to the guilty.

The CCORMAU prays that such step should be urgently taken as a necessary measure towards reforming and revamping the MeECL which is a prime jewel among the PSUs of Meghalaya, said Mr.  P. Marwein interim president and Mr. B.K. Nongkhlaw General Secretary CCORMAU .

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