ACHIK asked HITO leaders to do the homework before bursting out statements

Shillong, May 02: The organisation ACHIK request HITO to refrain from making fictitious statements.The ACHIK as an organization reiterate that whatever the statements the organization has made was on the rock solid evidence of five government notifications.

The five Government Notification that published are, No, DUA/U/E/29/2015/214   Dtd. 25/11/2021, No. ORD.5O/21(ST)/2628-29  Dtd.13/12/2021, No. DUA/U/E/29/2015/228 Dated Shillong, 7th February 2022, No. ORD.50/21(ST)/316-17 Dated Shillong, the 14th March, 2022, No.DUA(U)E/29/2015/242  DatedShillong, the 24th April,2023.

Each of these official letters will inform that there are two posts for the Garo Category and 13 names of the candidates was forwarded to the concern department for necessary action, that is, for holding interview and selection of two Garo candidates and appointment of these selected candidates.

Despite the fact that the two posts belong to a Garo Category non-Garo Candidates were appointed which is a total violation of the law. As of now, the concern Director can either withhold the appointment and repeal or face the music of the court which the organization would ensure within a week notice.

ACHIK organization would request HITO leaders to do the homework before bursting out statements that would encourage corruption and unlawful activities of any person, which in this case is the unlawful activity of the Director of Urban Affairs, as it will decay the very society with corruption that we exist.

The organization shall fight tooth and nail against the injustice being met out to A·chik community regardless of the consequences. The statement made by the organization is very clear where the posts of Garo Category has been illegally filled by Non Garo Candidates which we are ready to fight it out even in the highest court if need arise, said Mrs Reche Chambugong Secretary women wing of the Krima Council, ACHIK.


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