ACHIK demand for immediate repealing of appointment of Non Garo from Urban Dept

Shillong, April 30: Adv. Bernita R. Marak, General Secretary, Krima Council, ACHIK sent letter to the Director Urban Affair Mr. E. Kharmalki Government of Meghalaya, demanding for immediate repealing of appointment process of Non Garo Candidates in place of Garo Candidates in the Urban Affair department.

In the leeter sent to the Director Urban Affair, ACHIK has mention five letters that appointed Non Garos  the letter number mention by the organsation are, No, DUA/U/E/29/2015/214   Dtd. 25/11/2021, No. ORD.5O/21(ST)/2628-29  Dtd.13/12/2021, No. DUA/U/E/29/2015/228 Dated Shillong, 7th February 2022,

No. ORD.50/21(ST)/316-17 Dated Shillong, the 14th March, 2022, No.DUA(U)E/29/2015/242  DatedShillong, the 24th April,2023.

The organisation sternly objects to the appointment of the Non Garo Candidates in place of Garo Candidates and demands immediate repealing of the order No.DUA(U)E/29/2015/242 Dated Shillong, the 24th April,2023.

The letters for your reference cited above clearly mentions that the post are meant only for the Garo Candidates and 13 Garo Candidates’ name has been already forwarded to your department in the letter No. ORD.50/21(ST)/316-17 Dated Shillong, the 14th March, 2022.

The letter was sent for necessary action from your end and yet, you took the liberty to break the law and appoint Non Garo candidates which was meant for Garo Candidates only as per the rule of law.

The  organization demands your immediate action to repeal the appointments done and amend your actions on the reasons for breaking the law as well as for the contempt of court you held with this action despite court orders and policy of the state of Meghalaya as well as your apology to the Garo Community for your communal action.

The organisation aked the Director to kindly be ensured that this matter would be raised at the highest and different levels if you slack to amend the actions you made or fails to repeal the said illegal appointments immediately.


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