AHAM Concern about the delayed in execution of Dalu-Baghmara road sent letter CM 

Shillong, Sept 30: The organisation A.Chik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) ha sent letter to the Chief Minister Mr. Conrad K Sangma regarding the significant delays in the execution of the construction of the Dudhnoi-Rongjeng-Baghmara-Dalu Road project in Garo Hills region.

This project was initiated with the promise of improving our community’s infrastructure and to boost economy, but the continuous delays have caused inconvenience, safety hazards, fatal medical emergencies and economic losses to the residents and businesses of our region.

AHAM understand that construction projects can face unforeseen challenges and setbacks, but the extent and duration of the delays in this particular project have been unreasonable and unacceptable.

It has now been almost a year since the project was declared to have funded by the Centre, and the project seems to have is yet to move an inch and the PIL reports shows that the DPR is still under review till date.

The significant primary issues and concerns related to the delayed execution of this Road Project has cause Economic loss one may view of this road, yet this road can contribute one of the highest revenue for the state.

This route runs through the coal belts of the state connecting Dudhnoi for the domestic supply and Gasuapara L.C and Dalu L.C for the international exports of coal and other products.

One can be assured that this road project can boost the economy of our state as well as the residents of the Garo Hills region. The delay in the execution of the project undermines the livelihood of the people in the region.

The delay in the execution of this project will lead to traffic congestion during the peak seasons of the year as we all know that this route is the lifeline for the coal supply and export in the region (domestic or international).

It also invites the increase in the risks of accidentsin the region both for the drivers, pedestrians, residents, etc. especially during the school hours and the festive seasons in the region.

The absence of good condition of road has always led to the loss in businesses to the local entrepreneurs due to high costs in transportation, delays in supplies, loss of products (perishable) during transports, low price value of high value products, etc.

Therefore, the delay in the execution of the Dudhnoi- Rongjeng- Baghmara- Dalu road project will continue to add woes to the local businesses of the local residents of the region.

In addition to all these, there are environmental concerns to the project. There is a need to involve local NGOs (not national NGOs how much the experience or branded that NGO maybe) to look into the concerns of environmental impact of the project.

Till date, none of the road projects have the active involvement of the local NGOs in the project with regard to prolonged construction phase has raised environmental concerns, including increased pollution from construction machinery and the disruption of local ecosystems.

The delays in the project execution have resulted in significant cost overruns, which we, as taxpayers, are bearing the brunt of. It is essential therefore, that we receive an explanation for the delay in the execution of this project. It therefore of utmost importance to complete the project within the given time frame or stipulated period.

It may noteworthy to inform that the present road conditions of Baghmara – Dalu is of pathetic conditions and there has been woes to medical emergencies especially during the transport of pregnant women and other medical emergencies in the region leading to loss of lives. Further delay in this matter will only add to the numbers of death and loss of life in the region due to the pathetic road condition.

Residents and local NGOs of the region have received minimal information about the progress of the project and therefore, effective communication is crucial to manage expectations and reduce frustration within the community.

There has been a high aspirations from the people of the region with surveys, acquisitions and negotiations already on the prep step yet with nothing visibility on the ground as well as on the DPR.

In light of these issues, Mr. Georgeprince Ch. Momin request immediate action to address the situation. Specifically, he was also seeking, a detailed explanation of the reasons for the delays and a timeline for project execution, Steps being taken to accelerate the execution of Dudhnoi -Rongjeng – Baghmara – Dalu road project.

Measures to mitigate environmental impacts and a network initiation with the local NGOs on the issue, abreakdown of the budget and additional costs to be incurred which may arise due to delays and a plan for cost containment of the project, and improved communication strategies to keep the community informed about project updates and milestones.

The people of the region deserve a functioning and safe road network, and it is disheartening to see this project languish in delays. I urge you to take our concerns seriously and work diligently to expedite the completion of the Dudhnoi – Rongjeng – Baghmara – Dalu project.

Mr. Georgeprince Ch. Momin said that  would appreciate your attention to this matter and expect a prompt response addressing our concerns and outlining the steps you plan to take to rectify the situation at the earliest as our people’s well-being and future development depend on a timely resolution of these issues.



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