Chattisgarh, which is so daftly ruled by the INC, the Christians are truly under attack: BJP

Shillong, Jan 04: The BJP thanked Vincent Pala and others for raising the issue of atrocities against Christians in Chattisgarh, which is a Congress ruled state. The BJP hit out at the MPCC President, Vincent Pala for himself trying to polarise the public and then blaming the BJP for it.

The BJP has always ever spoken about ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ and has always ever acted in accordance with this principle. No BJP scheme or policy has ever discriminated against people on the basis of their religion.

There are over 2.5 Lakh farmer beneficiaries in Meghalaya who receive Rs. 6000 per year into their accounts. There are more than 1.5 Lakh households in Meghalaya that have been connected with tapped water.

There are more than 60 thousand families in Meghalaya who have received home under the BJP govt. program. Most of these beneficiaries in Meghalaya are Christian, and never has their religion been a hurdle in obtaining these benefits.

On the other hand, in Chattisgarh, which is so daftly ruled by the Indian National Congress, the Christians are truly under attack. Christian families have had to run away from their homes and live in refugee camps in stadiums and Church premises. Churches have been attacked and vandalised.

The Christians have been attacked and injured. And the Congress government has kicked backed and relaxed, as if watching a show with popcorn in hand. Why is Christian life in Chattisgarh so cheap for the Congress when Vincent Pala in Shillong claims that he will fight for the tribals and the Christains.

The BJP also questioned the competency and intent of Vincent Pala and the Congress. The Congress has had the chance to rule Meghalaya for a major part of the last 50 years of the state’s formation.

If the Congress fighting for the interest of the tribals and the Christians have got us literally nowhere in the last 50 years, then one can only imagine that it is simply because the Congressmen are incompetent and guided by mal-intent. The next 5 years under the Congress will also get us nowhere, BJP said.

The Congress policy is that of divide and rule. It has been so since forever. And other political parties have also picked up this trick now. Wherever there is Congress there is division of people and fairytales of development. Wherever there is BJP led governance, there is development of people and false propaganda of division and polarisation by the opposition.

The BJP charged the Congress and others of trying to polarise the polls by bringing up these false narratives against the party and diverting public attention from the real issue of redacted development, poor growth, invisible progress, deteriorating education, diminishing health, bad road, lack of tourism, etc.

The BJP will work for the people of Meghalaya, for  all people of  Meghalaya. BJP will not disappear after elections and reappear in 5 years like Vincent Pala, the press  statement was issued from the media cell of theBJP of Meghalaya State Unit.


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