Dalmia Bharat foundation empower rural  digital literacy Initiatives in Meghalaya

Lumshnong, February 12: Dalmia Bharat Foundation (DBF), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd (DCBL), leading Indian cement major is enabling marginalized communities through digital and financial literacy initiatives in Meghalaya.

These projects entail a variety of training programs tailored for men, women and youth to enhance their digital skills and improve their income prospects. One of their notable digital literacy endeavours is the “World on Wheels” (WoW) program, which involves equipped buses with digital literacy labs to provide e-education and digital resources in rural areas.

Additionally, the Common Service Lab (CSL) in Lumshnong hosts special sessions focused on digital and financial literacy modules. These initiatives have made a significant impact, positively transforming the lives of over 250 individuals and paving the way for sustainable livelihoods. An inspiring success story from these efforts is that of Ms. Merida Bareh, from Mynkre village in Meghalaya.

Merida made remarkable journey from a struggling daily wage worker to securing a job as a skilled Office Assistant in an organized sector through participation in CSL program. Her enhanced digital literacy, presentation and soft skills not only boosted her job prospects but also uplifted her family’s well-being.

Commenting on her journey, Merida shared, “I am profoundly grateful to the Dalmia Bharat Foundation for the life-altering opportunities they’ve provided. Acquiring computer skills and securing employment in the organized sector have truly transformed my life. Today, I am happily married, residing in a rented house with my husband and continuing to support my aunt and younger brother.”

Commenting on the company’s initiatives in the region, Mr. Raju Ranjan Prasad, Asst. Executive Director, Dalmia Cement emphasized, “At Dalmia Cement, we are deeply committed to promote well-being and socio-economic development in the communities surrounding our region of operations.

In today’s interconnected world digital literacy has become a fundamental skill set. It equips individuals with the essential skills to access information, communicate effectively and participate in the global economy.

Through these programmes, we aim to bridge the digital gap in underserved communities by providing access to digital education and services, empowering them towards self-reliance and better livelihoods.

The World on Wheels (WOW) initiative is a collaborative effort between HP Inc and the Government of India’s Digital India Initiative. Through self-contained, solar-powered digital learning labs housed in buses, the program offers digital literacy training, entrepreneurship development.

e-education, and essential citizen services to rural and semi-rural areas, empowering men, women, and children with vital skills and resources. The Common Service Lab (CSL) program aids students to enhance their digital and financial skills, driving their ability to thrive in the digital era and better employability. CSL programmes have been conducted in the villages of Wahiajer, Lumshnong and Moosiang Lamare.

Dalmia Bharat Foundation has been persistently working towards the socio-economic upliftment of the rural communities in the surrounding villages of its plants in the Northeast.

The foundation has been conducting various programmes focusing on skill development and sustainable livelihood for farmers, women and youth, like goat rearing, agri-nutri garden and orchard development in the region along with building essential social infrastructure in the region.

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