Delhi KSU Unit and NEHU urged the Govt of Meghalaya to intervene what happen in JNU

Shillong, Jan 08: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) NEHU Unit and the KSU Delhi Unit would condemnation of the wanton, horrific and systematic attacks perpetrated by hoodlums on unaware and unarmed innocent students of Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi.

The attacks on a prestigious institution of the country shows how grave the law and order situation is currently. As per the understanding of both the Units the demands of the JNU students are valid and rational for the overall welfare of the students’ community of the entire nation.

Futhermore the KSU Delhi Unit received a distress letter from the Khasi students of this premier institution. Thus in this context, the KSU appeals to the Government of Meghalaya to ensure the safety and facilitate the well being of the students’ community from Meghalaya studying in JNU.

As per knowledge, the said students are affected mentally and psychologically after the incidents. Most of the students are afraid to return to their hostels and have seek refuge in other places. Therefore it is the responsibility of the Meghalaya Government to intervene for the best interest of its students’ community in JNU.

In conclusion the KSU Delhi Unit and KSU NEHU Unit expressed their solidarity with the students’ community of JNU during their current hardships and endorse their full support on their demands to revoke fee hikes. Said Miss Marbiang Khongwir President KSU Delhi Unit and Mr Pynshai Dkhar  President KSU NEHU Unit.


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