Dr. Mukul LO held an interaction with the youth as Meghalaya TMC’s campaign 

Shillong, Dec 09: A vibrant afternoon of interaction with the youth as Meghalaya TMC’s campaign gains huge popularity after the success of first event Dr. Mukul Sangma jams with the youth of Meghalaya, marking an astounding evening with a soothing song Shillong today Creating an engaging dialogue with the youth, Meghalaya Trinamool Congress hosted a vibrant ‘Townhall with Dr. Mukul in conversation with the youth of Meghalaya’.

An energetic crowd of students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians, sportsmen and youngsters from several walks of life across the Khasi Hills attended the event.

After the immense success of ‘Townhall with Dr. Mukul in conversation with the women of Shillong’, the event was second in the series of Meghalaya TMC’s campaign focused on creating dialogues to reach out and engage the various sections of the society.

The objective behind hosting this townhall is to bring a resolution to the long-standing grievances of the youth, by listening to their issues and reaching constructive resolutions through meaningful conversations. The event also saw a visually challenged youth beat-boxing before the crowd, making Dr. Mukul Sangma enthused with joy looking at the talents of the youth in the state.

The mind-blowing performance also received public applause and cheer from Dr. Mukul himself. Furthermore, the townhall also witnessed Dr. Mukul Sangma playing guitar and singing a melody leaving the young attendees with a profound amazement.

Answering a question on the skyrocketing rise of unemployment in the state, Dr. Mukul Sangma commented, “The incumbent government failed to provide jobs to youths that are already available.

You witnessed this narrative that thousands of jobs are available but are not filled. It is the sheer insensitivity of the government to respond to the demand for jobs.

In response to the call of duty, which is already available, the creation of a job is a distant dream. Imagine the magnitude of the problem, as the parents have spent huge money on their education. This serious issue is drawing the attention of everyone now.

As we were also drawn by this issue, we tried to get a response from the government on multiple occasions, but it has been a futile attempt falling on the deaf ears.” While replying to a pertinent question on the failure of the NPP-led MDA government to provide safety and security to the people, Dr. Mukul Sangma mentioned, “I need to reply on the basis of my own analysis.

Two things are important. One is taking responsibility and the other is fulfilling the duty. You may have authority but do they have a sense of responsibility? We are supposed to be representative of the people. Our priority should be the people. If people are feeling insecure living in the state, that is a failure of the government. Instilling confidence will be the paramount responsibility.

The current government failed to focus on the priorities of the people.” With a significant population of 74% youth in the state, Meghalaya TMC finds it of a paramount importance to align itself with the visions of the youth, hold vivacious discussions and promote healthy interactions that can bring a positive impact.

By partnering with the youth, Meghalaya TMC aspires to form a government that can forge better youth-centric policies to serve the state well. An exuberant crowd of participants were present at the venue marking the event a huge success.

The party plans to host more such interactions in the coming weeks covering the stretches from the Khasi Hills to the Garo Hills to bring in people from all sections of the society to participate and endorse the vision of Meghalaya TMC.

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