During the year 2004 that the IB had offered HNLC to come forward for peace talks: Sainkupar

Shillong, Dec 15: The general secretary of the band outfit HNLC Mr Sainkupar Nongtraw said that based upon the statements of the Home minister Lakmen Rymbui the HNLC would like to come out clear upon his blame game tactics.

The general secretary recall that it was during the year 2004 that the intelligence bureau (IB) had offered them  to come forward for peace talks followed by the governor of Meghalaya in the year 2014.

Base on the offer the HNLC had also accepted the governor’s offer and exercised their wisdom and sincerity by declaring a unilateral ceasefire, but their gestures were over turned due to the negative interventions of the state police and along with the manipulation of the Government of Meghalaya behind its hidden agendas.

The ministry of Home affairs is waiting for reports from the political department regarding the peace talks but Lakmen Rymbui seems to be unaware about it.

The Home Minister stated that that the government of Meghalaya had no idea about the peace talks,but he had also mentioned that he did not want to divulge into it, said Mr. Sainkupar Nongtraw General secretary cum Publicity secretary,HNLC in the press statement issued to the media house today.

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