HITO Complaint Against the alleged illegal Coke factories situated at EJH District Meghalaya

Shillong, June 10: The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (HITO) has sent letter to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya  Mr Cornad K Sangma to complaint against the alleged illegal Coke factories situated at East Jaintia Hills District Meghalaya.

In the letter HITO said that, It is with grave concern that we, the Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization, bring to your notice the following with regards to the subject mentioned above,That, at present, there are about 25 Coke factories in active operation daily in the East Jaintia Hills district.

HITO was  shocked to learn that most of these factories are running without obtaining prior permission from the concerned authority violating the environmental norms and procedures threatening the environment and ecology of the area at large.

The organization, having active and trusted members in the district, have received numerous complaints from the general public that these factories are affecting the quality of air in and around their areas of operations affecting the health conditions of the people living in the area.

The organization has also learnt that these factories have also bypassed the JHADC authorities by indicating that they have obtained clearances of the Single Window Agency of the state government.

Hito alleged that,  it is a known fact that all business establishments were asked to shut down during this pandemic, but it is surprising to see that all these coke factories continue to function as usual putting workers and residents at risks.

As social organization working for the welfare of the people of the region, they  would like your kind office to take note of our complaint and act accordingly.

it is known fact that these coke factories run on coal. they are also aware that coal mining and transportation has been banned across the state pending proper permission following adherence to environmental laws and workers safety.

If this is the case, aren’t these factories promoting illegal and unsafe extraction of coal? Who authorised transportation of coal feeding these factories, that, on the last day of June, 5 miners are trapped inside an illegal mine operated in Umpleng area of the district. We are also aware of the presence of a large number of unsafe and illegal coal pits in operation in the district.

The HITO cliam that  based on their survey and inputs, they demand from the government to stop all illegalities forthwith dealing with coal mining, transportation and to ensure that such factories, if set up legally, should not affect the air quality for the common people.

As a reminder, the party, the National People’s Party, had promised the people of the state in 2018 of a NEW Meghalaya. However, looking at the present situation in the district, it is sad to express that the state has gone from bad to worse benefiting only a few of those connected to those in powers.

As an independent organisation and the people of the state at large, expects NEW Meghalaya without rampant destruction of the environment through illegal coal mining and illegal transportation within the district and outside the state.

The organization is  pained to see news highlighting the situation of trapped miners which is not a one-off instance. We are to caution the government that there may be 10 Ryngksan-like or Umpleng-like accidents in the very near future if rampant illegal mining and illegal transportation of coal is allowed to take place with total impunity to the law of the land.

HITO looks forward to your government bringing in the desired changes with you as a Chief Minister and we sincerely appreciate your efforts as most of the issues raised by the organization have been addressed to and we positively anticipate the same in this matter too.

They hope that you will intervene in the matter and if need be your Government will shut down all these illegal Coke factories that are located in East Jaintia Hills District areas. Said Mr Donbok Dkhar President in the press statement.

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