HITO condemns this foolish and careless statement of Mr. Sujrewala’s of the Congress

Shillong, August 19: The statement of senior Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala who is well versed with the North East particularly Meghalaya has come as a rude shock to the peace loving people of Meghalaya at a tumultous moment.

Mr. Surjewala attributed the action of a group of youths who commandeered a police vehicle and took it for a joyride around town brandishing an assault rifle left behind by the cops, as behaviour akin to the fearsome portrayal of the Taliban.

The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (HITO) categorically states herewith; that there is absolutely no terrorist in Meghalaya, the so called ‘dramatic’ action by the enthused youths was only the result of an emotional outflow to vent out utter frustration, angst and pain at the inhuman act of the police who gleefully made a ‘Martyr’ of a former rebel living a quiet life by gunning him down in cold blood in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Moreover the deceased, Late Bah Cherish StarfieldThangkhiew led more of a normal life than any other person after reuniting with his loving family who he’d been separated from for decades.

The HITO asks Sujrewala as to who gave the Taliban the absolute right over the colour BLACK? Who patented and endorsed BLACK MASKS as only to be used by the Taliban? Is flaunting a rifle an act only the Taliban can perform? Has not his beloved party ever used the colour BLACK in its chequered history?

HITO condemns this foolish and careless statement by such a so called senior public leader and has only one thing to say, and that is; HITO hopes that these views are solely Mr. Sujrewala’s and not that of the Indian National Congress, whose founding mother (L) Mrs. Indira Gandhi lovingly consented to the peaceful democratic demand of our forefathers for a free Hill State of our own.

Mr. Sujrewala how dare you call the children of the land that your founding Mother created ‘Taliban’. Are members of the Meghalaya Youth Congress terrorists too? Do you arm them during elections? Are you so frustrated with hankering all over the media like a tin can mechanic, making only noise that sometimes you yourself don’t know what you’re rattling about?

In case Mr. Sujrewala or his party needs further clarity or a character certificate on our brave hearted youths, he can simply ask Meghalaya Leader of Opposition DrMukulSangma or another doctor, the President of the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee Dr. Celestine Lyngdoh. It would be double education for him since in the process he will also get to acquaint himself with our Garo brethren as well.

HITO urges the INC President, Mr Rahul Gandhi, who being a young adult understands the pain and misery, today’s youths are encountering on a continuous basis with no reprieve, to deal strictly with this erring senior member and embark on a mission to recover lost the trust and confidence of the people of Meghalaya, Donbok Dkhar President HITO.

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