Illegal immigrant from Bangladesh goes back, genuine Indian Citizen let us live in peace: HANM  

Shillong, Oct 24: The Assistant General Secretary of the Hynniewtrep A.chick National Movement (HANM) Mr. Wanaiwar Sohtun said that it was very unfortunate that the situation in Meghalaya, which is one of the peaceful state in the North Eastern Region but the incident at Ichamati which is the local problems between few  individual.

There some parti4es from outside the state who has come to Meghalaya and just to fine out the fault in the community in the state of Meghalaya and to interfered inside the state of Meghalaya and to bring a communal these people including Mr Tathagata Roy at his stature who is the former Governor of Meghalaya.

Mr Sohtun said they have never expected him to take the decision to divide and rule in the state of Meghalaya, where his comment through his twitter, his demand of banning the student body the Khasi Student Union, which all the organisation in Meghalaya area against it.

The Assistant general Secretary of the HANM said that they have not seen single work done by the KSU which is anti India or anti constitution. HANM call upon Mt Tathagata Roy to make a statement where will bring peace to the state of Meghalaya, which will bring unity not only to Meghalaya but will bring peace and unity in the whole country India.

Mr Sothun also mention that some people by the name Mr Vicky Dey who gose to mainland India and portray the Non Tribal hear in Meghalaya by saying that the Tribal are against non tribal where he said that they are not getting opportunity to do business, not getting the opportunity to grow themselves as community, but look around in Shillong 99% of the shops, Industries are run by non tribal people from mainland India.

The NGOs leader from HANM said that they do not take site with any community they love with every community what as an organisation they feel threaten is the influx that come from Bangladesh all illegal immigrants from Bangladesh must go not only from Meghalaya but from the entire North Eastern State of India.

Mr Sohtun said as far as the genuine citizens of the state they have already live in peace and they will continued to live in peace in the state of Meghalaya, He, also cited an example in 1971 when there was a war in Bangladesh, which was then East Pakistan who keep the land to Bengali Bangladeshi in Shillong, who keep them food, medicine, water who protected them from the tyranny of the Pakistan military.

It is the Khasi people who, there is a land at Rynjah, which call the Rynjah Refugee Colony, who keep them that it is the khasi people, why because Khasi people are not communal and each individual and community   were treated as human, but this does not mean that you can threaten that is not the way, all should live in peace and work together.

The HANM what they want is all illegal immigrants from Bangladesh go back to their country and Indian citizens live here in peace grow here and live like brothers and sister in one constitution  in the state of Meghalaya.


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