JSU Oppose to Engagement of Distribution Franchisee of two main circles of MeEPDCL

Shillong, June 7: In a letter submitted today to the Chairman Cum Managing Director of MeECL, the Jaintia Studens’ Union (JSU) oppose the move to bring the Distrubution Circles viz the Shillong

Central Distribution Circle and Eastern Distribution Circles in which accounts to 25percent of operational area of MePDCL to RECPDCL for 25 years arguing that since these are also the most profit making distribution circles and having the least Aggregate Technical&Commercial losses it will be a huge setback to the sustainability of MeECL.

JSU Central Body Genral Secretary, Mr. Treiborlang Suchen asked the government,” if these two main profit area will be least to franchisee ,how will the Power Sector pay the bills and income of all the staffs of MeECL?”

JSU questions the move to handover the circles as Distribution Franchisee which is brought about by the insertion of the additional clause “Budgetary Support” as to why is only awarded to Meghalaya and not any other state while availing the Atmanirbhar Abhiyan Loan.

It is known that the Central Govt is offering this relief package for the Distribution Companies to relieve the financial stress of the Generating companies where the DISCOMs have outstanding payments to be paid with mandatory directives of having a loss reduction plan.

“The Government should instead consider to reduce the AT&C lost of areas in East & West Garo Circles before availing the loan which are having the worst infrastructure and has been resulting to MePDCL loosing most of its revenue. Also, the additional clause “Budgetary Support” which have led to engagement of Distribution Franchisee is unnecessary as it would lead to the complete sell out of MeECL to REC.” writes the JSU.

The union points out that despite of having to pay huge interest from the loan grant, the move to bring these circles as Distribution Franchisee of REC is absurd and is a foul play to help Private Parties to loot profits from MeECL.

” This sell out plan whereby the REC is able to Sub Contract to Private Companies is unacceptable which will render current employees especially those under contractual appointments to loose their jobs.

Also it would deprive the local youths of their ability for jobs at MeECL since employment will be as per the sole prerogative of REC or the Sub-Contractor. ” writes the JSU.

The JSU feels that such important agreement plan is hurriedly done ad mist the pandemic without bringing in consultation all elected representatives of the assembly.

The JSU maintains that it strongly oppose and condemn such scandalous approach to take advantage of this ill situation only to make worst the current mess of MeECL.

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