JSU serves ultimatum to Govt to provide 108 Ambulance to Nongtalang CHC within one week 

Shillong, May 27: In a letter to the concern authoriries consisting of Chief Operating Officer EMRI 108 Shri Deepankar Choudhury, the Director of Health Services(MI) Dr. Aman War and Shri. A.L. Hek Minister of Health and Family Welfare of Meghalaya.

The JSU reminded that the Ambulance Vehicle which was stationed at Nongtalang CHC was removed from services in the Sub- Division since the year 2014 and no 108 Ambulance Services was available up until date in the area.

The union body pointed that the non-availability of 108 Ambulance Service under the Amlarem Sub Division is a great loss to the people of the Sub-Division in especially during this time of the COVID pandemic which could effectively prevent the loss of lives of especially patients with critical conditions.

Further the union have requested the SDO of Amlarem Sub-Division, Shri.Abhilash Baranwal to kindly look into the matter and ensure help to the people. At the same time the JSU War Jaintia Circle have strongly condemn the Local MLA for inaction and total neglect from his part to the hardships experience by his people due to lack of ambulance services even after several requests expressed to him.

JSU War Jaintia Circle President Mr. Eddy Kery Pohtam express that The people of the Sub-Division deserve equal opportunity to their right for health services and that the union too believes in the ideology of GVK – EMRI for 108 Ambulance to reach the site in quickest time possible so as to be able to deliver needed help to the victim or patient.

JSU Central Body General Secretary Mr. Treiborlang Suchen argues that As for the Sub- Division which is having a vast area of more than 405sqkm and 95 villages with bad road conditions, it would be a challenging task for any ambulance stationed outside the Sub Division to be able to deliver care within a short time period.

The union reminded in the letter that they have met the concern Authorities time and again since August 2018 with memorandum submitted to the Chief Operating Officer, GVK – EMRI, and then again in April 2020 with letter submitted to the Heath Minister of Meghalaya and also with follow ups in November 2020 with the DMHO of West Jaintia Hills District while also expressing grievances of Medical Services due to limited Ambulance service in the Sub- Division.

“But up until date, even after several complaints and grievances expressed by the residence of and visitors to the area, there has been no actions taken except for empty promises and assurance from the concern authorities. We feel that this careless attitude and neglect from the concern authorities is unacceptable for the people of the area especially in times of medical emergencies.

Also, since we are now facing the 2nd wave of COVID pandemic crisis with the mutating virus strain being more fatal, the need for Life Support Ambulance is an urgent requirement to cater for the people of the Sub-Division.” the letter stated.

The JSU has put an ultimatum before the concern authorities demanding to immediately assign the 108 Ambulance Vehicle for station in the Amlarem Sub-Division in within a weeks time and threatened tnat they will otherwise be compelled to take the needed actions.

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