KHNAM demanded full autonomy for the institution of the Lokayukta

Shillong Dec 10: The much talk implementation of the Lokayukta Act, has drawn the attention of the Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) who demanded full autonomy for the institution of the Lokayukta in terms of investigation, prosecution, financial and administration so as to do away with the corruption in the state.

General Secretary of the KHNAM who is also the MDC from Jaiaw constituency Edelbert Nongrum while maintaining that the establishment of a strong Lokayukta act in Meghalaya is both a need and a remedy to corruption, said the Lokayukta in its present form had failed to serve the purpose of its establishment if the Chief Minister is left out of its purview.

“The establishment’s of this Act here in the state has been a thing to laugh at”, Nongrum said.

The KHNAM demanded the implementation of a strong Lokayukta Act in Meghalaya while stating that “The political elites who think they can manipulate the system for their petty political interests can be brought to justice and the faith of the masses can once again be restored in the political system”, he said.

He further stated that it’s a shame that Meghalaya being branded a Christian state is counter witnessing the Gospel of Christ to the Rest of the country.

While stating that the formation of a Lokayukta is to root out corruption prevalent in the higher echelons of power Nongrum informed that in Orissa and in several other states have gone way ahead of Meghalaya in establishing a Lokayukta institution.

“The present Act of Lokayukta in Meghalaya which aims at rooting out corruption can be compared to an old lion with no teeth to devour its prey”, said the KHNAM GS.

Further, Nongrum informed that the KHNAM exhorted all the MLAs to press for the passage of a strong Lokayukta Act in the State during this coming session so that the Rule of Law can reign supreme and thereby thwart the attempts by certain section of the polity to take Meghalaya once again to the Old Stone Age.

Besides, he also informed that the movement had also expressed disappointment over the short winter session stating that they are baffled to understand how vital issues of progress and development can be discussed only in just three days.

“The assurance by the Chief Minister to take up the issue of Lokayukta is nothing but a political gimmick done only to brainwash the civil society members and the people at large”, Nongrum said.(SP News)




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