KJDSTA to bear with govt decision on deferment of salary of deficit teacher to combat COVID-19

Shillong, May 07: The President of the Khasi Jaintia Deficit School Teachers Association said that the State Government has extended the deferment of salary for the teachers under deficit system at par with government employees, on this the Association to bear with govt decision to combat COVID-19 in the state.

The government of Meghalaya through an official office memorandum from finance Dept of April 28th 2020 has extended the deferment of salary for the teachers under deficit system at par with government employees.

Mr Kular Khongjirem President of KJDSTA said the  measure taken by Meghalaya govt to deficit school teachers, deficit pattern, adhoc teachers are unwarranted and similar action has been taken by the  govt of Kerala as stayed by the hon’ble Kerala High Court recently.

The action taken by the Meghalaya govt is in fact, a clear violation of Article 21 of The Indian Constitution relating to personal right and personal property of the employees.In a democratic society, It is also an arbitrary act on the part of the govt of Meghalaya to impose such an order without prior consultation or taking into confidence of the concerned stakeholders.

However, because of such peculiar prevailing situation of financial emergency at national and state level, the Association feel to bear with govt for the sake and interest and  benefits of other worse and affected section of the society of the state for the time being in force.

At the same time, the Association urges the govt through the Education Department to pay and expedite in time the salary of teachers for the next 2nd quarter and deferment dues without any further delay.

The President KJDSTA would also like to remind the govt that many pending dues are to be paid by the govt to deficit teachers like pending arrear of the revised pay, the pending DAs, the raising of DCRG, the retirement benefit scheme for deficit teachers besides others.

The govt should not be ignored and not to deprive such rightful dues for teachers immediately after the prevailing situation is over said Mr Kular Khongjirem President KJDSTA, in the press statement issued today.

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