Meghalaya Chief Minister urged people to take vaccination to protect from COVID-19

Shillong, April 21: Meghalaya Chief Minister Mr. Conrad said that the situation that the country and the state that we are facing is very alarming and the number that were growing is very high therefore need to act right now.

The two most important thing todo for the state and for the people, is that people should maintain the behavioural change and protocols and second one is to take the vaccination the chief minister said that it was very safe.

“I have taken the injection myself and close to one and half lakh people in the state has taken and there have been no report of any kind of reaction therefore it is absolutely is safe, at the same time we have received report that the vaccination help in protecting the people”, said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister Mr. Cornad urged the people to come out and go to the closed vaccination centre and get the vaccination and it is very critical for us to ensure that should do it in a time bound manner the vaccination programme is to complete 45 years and above.

There are around 6.5 lakh people in the state of Meghalaya who are about the age of 45 therefore the target is not very big and the government has discussed this since yesterday and the government is determine to  finished it all the target.


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