Meghalaya Government sanction Fifteen Lahk for beatification of 15 road in Laban Areas

Shillong, July 31: The         Local, MLA Mr. Sanbor Shullai along with the members of the MCIC 19th Shillong Constituency conducted a special meeting with all the Dorbar Shnong of Raid Laban  also attended by Superintendent of Police Traffic and Addll. Superintendent of Police and handed over Traffic regulation materialsas these materials will help to solve the various traffic problems within 19th South Shillong Constituency.

Thereafter, copy of Govt. notification for renaming of Roads was handed over to the relative members of the following social and political leaders and an amount of Rs. 15 Lakhs was also sanctioned for Beautification of newly rename of Roads including installation of solar lamp post, iron name plate post, painting etc. to be implemented jointly by the respective Dorbar Shnong along with the family members as per Govt. Notification No. GAB. 69/2000/Pt/352 of dated 6th July 2022.

The road that has been rename, “Harisabha Road Laban” rename as “Bhaskar Choudhury Road”. “Jackson Trace Bridge Road up to Ajajhur Bridge (Dhobighat) Lower Lumparing” rename as “Brojen Mawlong Road”. “Sacred Heart School Road up to Dong Pdeng Road Lower Lumparing”rename as “P. L Nongpiur (Bah Bing) Road”

The “Road from Wah Tashaid to Dong Mawnei, Lower Lumparing”rename as “Tendro Ryntathiang Road”. “Road from (L) Glorymai Lyndem via St. John church, Unitarian Church, Nepali Sec School/ Kench’s Trace, Wah Sohkhlur upto Laban Assamese H/S School” rename as “Babu Hajom Kissor Sing Nongbri Road”

The Road from Mawbynna (Upper Laban) up to Riat Laban rename as “Phinton Mylliemngap Road”. “Road from Nandi Ram Lane Madan Laban up to Assemese Namghar” rename as “Nomiwel Rynjah Road”. “Road from Manik Road Madan Laban via resident of Kong Mih Rynjah upto Riat Laban, Kynjat Phutbol” rename as “Dennis Dunn Road”

The “Road from Madan Laban Bridge via resident of Kong Tngen Rynjah up to resident of (L) Hamlet Rani” rename as “Moshondro Roy Road”. “Road from Unitarian Church (Roman Road) Madan Laban upto existing PWD Kench’s Trace Road” rename as “Brington Mylliemngap Road”.

The “Road from Main Gate of Shrimanta Sankardev Cultural Centre Bishnupur, Shillong, Shillong up to the exit gate of “Shrimanta Sankardev College” rename as “Sankardeva Road”. “Road from the Secred Heart Secondary School, Lumparing up to Dongsiej, Lower Lumparing” rename as “Sacred Heart Road”. “Zigzag Road Rilbong” rename as “Ardhendu Chaudhuri” (Bablu Da).

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