Meghalaya Govt formed Regional Committees to look into six areas of difference with Assam

Shillong, Sept  07: The Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to constitute three Regional committees as described below to examine the present status of the six ‘areas of difference,viz.,Tarabari, Gizang and Hahim in West Khasi Hills District, Boklapara and Khanapara-Pillangkata in Ri Bhoi and Ratacherra in East Jaintia Hills.

The Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Prestone Tynsong incharge  Public works (Roads), etc is the  Chairperson  for the  Ri Bhoi District sector, others members are Mr. Dasakhiatbha Lamare, minister, Mr. Mayralborn Syiem MLA, Nongpoh constituency , Mr. Sosthenes sohtun,MLA ,  Jirang constituency  as members and the  Deputy commissioner, Ri Bhoi District as the member convenor.

The Minister incahrge PHE, Mr. Renikton L. Tongkhar, is the chairperson to look in the West Khasi Hills Sector, the members include Mr. tMacmillan Byrsat,MLA, Nongstoin constituency, Mr. Gigur Myrthong, NILA,  Mawshynrut constituency, Mr. Kimfa S. Marbaniang, MLA, Rambrai Jyrngam constituency  ans members  and the Deputy commissioner, west Khasi Hills District  as member  Convenor.

The Minister incahrge  Transport Mr. Sniawbhalang Dhar,is the  chairperson  for Jaintia Hills  sector, Mr. Lahkmen Rymbui, Minister incharge  Home, Mr. Nujorki sungoh, MLA, Mowkaiaw constituency , Mr. shitlang Pale, MLA, Sutnga saipung constituency as members and the Deputy commissioner, East Jaintia Hills District as member Convenor.

The Terms of Reference of the Committees is to coordinate with the relevant Regional committee set up by Government of Assam vide their Notification No. BPDD 173t2017t160 dated 7th September,2021′ , To cross-reference and verify the names of the villages (sub-villages) claimed by Meghalaya with the names of villages as per records of Government of Assam’.

To establish the geographical location of the villages and their contiguity’, To examine the status of the population of villages as per census records including ethnicity. To prepare an ‘As-ls’ public Asset Register in the villages, created by both the State Governments.

To visit each of the villages, and interact with the communities living in the villages including the elected representatives of the Autonomous District Councils to learn about the perception of the people living in the arca’, To document the factual information regarding the physical  and  time-wise distances from the villages to the nearest public service delivery point and  administrative unit.

The committee can coopt any member including from Forest Department, whenever necessary Logistic and Secretarial Support, The jurisdictional Deputy Commissioners will provide all the secretarial and logistic support for effective functioning of the Committees’.

The  Member Convenor of the respective Committee should fix the date of visit and discussion in consultation with their respective counterpart in Assam’ Report of the Committee The Committees will submit their report to the Government of Meghalaya within a period of 30 days from the date of this notification.

Based  on the inspection of the villages and based on the agreed yardsticks of historical perspective, ethnicity of the local population, administrative convenience of local people’ contiguity with the boundary and the perception of the people living in the area the mention in the notification  sign by the Mr. M S Roa Chief Secretary Government of Meghalaya.

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