Meghalaya Govt issued Notification for  Creation of Jengjal Civil Sub-Division in WGH District

Shillong, Dec 05: For public convenience and better administration, the Government of Meghalaya, in a notification issued, has ordered the creation of new Civil Sub-Division to be called as Jengjal Civil Sub Division in West Garo Hills District, with its headquarter at Jengjal.

The villages  under Jengjal is comprising of the villages under Anogre GS, Rongdenggre GS, Baljek Agal GS, Rongbakgre GS, Waram Asim GS, Aguragre GS and Rombagre GS, and consequent upon its creation, the Civil Sub-Division shall function from its headquarter at Jengjal with effect from 5th December, 2022. This was informed by the Chief Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya.

Jengjal Civil Sub-Division shall comprise of the villages of Manggakre, Dirikgre, Dijinggro-Apal, Gindopara, Teksragre, Renchagre-Apal- Chinapgre, Silsekgre, Renchagre, Chikansingre, Anogre, Dittegre, Kamagre, Dollonggre, Dollong Manda, Rongdenggre, Songgitalgre, Jongdikre, Dopananggre, Chiokgre, Bawegre, Megapgre, Jengjalgre, Tapragre, Rongramgre.

Watregre, Bottregre, Rongsep Adinggre, Rongkhenggre, Makkragre, Marak Songmagre, Nengkalgre, Marak Jabretgre, Marak Nokatgre, Marak Dilwanggre, Warisepgre, Bolbokgre, Baljek Agal, Rongbakgre, Kalchengre, Danang Bisa, Dinang Songma, Bangdagre, Mrigre, Kalakgre, Ringgegre, Dipogre, Waramasim, Bokda Apal, Retegre, Waram Songma.

Damjonggre, Warm Dipogre, Tebronggre, Ampanggre, Asakgre, Digranggre,Waribokgre, Samingre, Dingringgre, Rongbrakgre, Aguragre, Agalgre, Rongpotgre, Wakringtonggre, Boldamgre, Saringgre, Chidekgre, Arbella Chidekgre, Gondenggre, Donsimgre, Timbogre, Chiwatgre (Chiwatigre) Chokagre, Rombanokatgre, Rombagre, Romba Adinggre and Silschigre (Silchotchigre)


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