Meghalaya Govt should constituted judicial inquiry on the death of Mr. Cheristerfield: FKS

Shillong, August 13: The Advisor and spokesperson of the Federation of Khasi State Mr. John Kharshiing has written letter to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mr. Conrad K Sangma and the Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Prestone Tynsong to constituted Judicial Inquiry on the death of the Mr. Cheristerfield Thangkhiew at the shoot of the police at his residence at Kynton Massar.

In the letter the advisor of the FKS in the letter stated that they are shocked to learn through news reports of the early morning Meghalaya Police Raid on 13th August 2021 resulting in the firing and death of surrendered Shri. Cheristerfield Thangkhiew, former General Secretary of HNLC.

Mr. John Kharshiing recall that on 18th October 2018 the Meghalaya Police held a special publicised function wherein the former General Secretary, HNLC surrendered before the Deputy Chief Minister. It was a sigh of relief for the citizens of Meghalaya to witness such an important occasion which everyone hoped would strengthen the peace process in Meghalaya.

However, today we are pained and shocked to learn of the Meghalaya Police Operation during the wee hours of 13 August 2021 raiding the house of the already surrendered former General Secretary of the HNLC leading to an encounter which has resulted in his death. As per news reports his two sons who were present were also taken by the Police.

The FKS  condemn such blatant unwarranted misuse of police force given the fact that this individual had surrendered on 18 October 2018 in a function felicitated by Meghalaya Police themselves, When this individual was already a person under the surrendered program of the Meghalaya Police.

The advisor of the FKS said that  what was the necessity to raid his house at such hours leading to his being killed due to an alleged attempt to attack with a knife. Meghalaya Police could have easily summoned him or conducted a raid during the day given the fact that he was already integrating himself in society.

The FKS strongly urge and request that an immediate judicial inquiry be constituted by the State Government to ascertain and investigate the facts of this mysterious police encounter which is causing great concern and anguish in the minds of the people of the State.

As the people today are questioning the governance capability of the NPP led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance especially on the police department being unable to maintain the rule of law enforcement on a number of issues.

The FKS look forward to the state government’s immediate attention on the above important issues and the restoration of the rule of law. Said mr John F Kharshiing Adviser and Spokesperson of the Federation of Khasi State.


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