Meghalaya TMC launches campaign song in Khasi and Garo languages in Shillong-Tura

Shillong, Jan 11: A ‘pair of flowers’ to empower the state: Meghalaya TMC launches campaign song in Khasi and Garo languages Shillong and Tura – 11.01.2023 Providing an artistic expression to the hopes and dreams of the people, the Meghalaya Trinamool Congress on Wednesday introduced the campaign song in two languages – Khasi and Garo – launched simultaneously in Shillong and Tura.

The song – Hoi Kiw Haka TMC in Khasi and Ahowee Inchrona in Garo– encapsulates the energy of the people of Meghalaya, calling everyone to march forward towards development and change with Meghalaya TMC.

TMC State President Charles Pyngrope launched the Khasi version of the song in the State Party Office along with Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien, Leader of AITC Parliamentary Party while Trinamool Congress Legislature Party Leader Dr. Mukul Sangma introduced the Garo rendition in the Tura Party Office amid the presence of other Meghalaya TMC leaders and media.

The campaign song captures the hopes and determination of the diverse communities, which see Meghalaya TMC as the only alternative to usher the state into an era of growth and prosperity. The song also celebrates the public sentiment which longs for the light at the end of the dark tunnel created by other political parties.

The voices in the song express the TMC’s vision of a prosperous, peaceful, and progressive Meghalaya. Launching the campaign song, Meghalaya TMC State President Charles Pyngrope said, “Meghalaya TMC has always believed in empowering the people, upholding the traditional culture, and celebrating the sacred land.

Our campaign song resonates with these cherished ideals and embodies the hope and aspirations of every single resident of Meghalaya. Through this song, we would like to celebrate the grandeur of the musical legacy of our state, the brilliance of our musical instruments, and the wondrous talent of the artists of Meghalaya.

The campaign song also reverberates the desire of the people of Meghalaya who long for better days. We are hopeful that the campaign song will strike a chord in the hearts of each and every one of us. Taking inspiration from the rich musical legacy of Meghalaya, the song was composed by blending regional essence with local musical instruments and stories from across the state.

Artists from across the length and breadth of the state came together to create the musical masterpiece which is an ode to the beautiful hill state and its different communities. Penned by Khasi and Garo artists, the lyrics of the song focus on the contemporary issues of the state and how the status quo can be changed only by Meghalaya TMC.

Inspired by the Meghalaya TMC’s vision of empowering every community, the campaign song also talks about moving from darkness to light to build a more prosperous, and peaceful Meghalaya. Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party leader Dr. Mukul Sangma said, The campaign song speaks for itself. It resonates with the hopes and aspirations of our beloved people from all walks of life.

It is a reflection of the pulse of the people and our resolve to respond to the needs of our people. This song tells our commitment to address the concerns of youth who are victims of unemployment and other issues. This campaign song talks about the change that is needed, and is inevitable. It is also a replica of the sense of oneness among the people of Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills, and Garo Hills.

Addressing the press at the launch event, Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien said, We are here with the team led by Dr. Mukul Sangma and Charles Pyngrope to make a difference. We are here for the long run. The focus of Meghalaya TMC is that it is of the people of Meghalaya, for the people of Meghalaya, and by the people of Meghalaya.

The good thing about our party is that we don’t have any high command which calls for checks in Delhi or Kolkata. Even something like the campaign song and its video was written, visualised, and edited by the people of Meghalaya.

Flash mobs will also be organised in the Police Bazaar, Shillong and Tura Bazaar, Tura this evening to take the song to the people. The captivating song was also shared across Meghalaya TMC’s social media platforms where it received heaps of praise for its inclusion of diverse voices and for upholding the rich traditions of Meghalaya.

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