Meghalaya to explore Sustainable NRM through Indigenous Traditional Knowledge

Shillong, June 26: With the objective of answering some of the challenging questions pertaining to the application of traditional knowledge for sustainable natural resource management by the indigenous communities in Meghalaya, a Webinar on Leveraging on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge for Promoting Sustainable Natural Resource Management was organized.

The online platform provided an opportunity to share experience and learn from experienced panellists who have worked extensively on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK). The Webinar was hosted by Shri. Rahul Chatterjee, a renowned Professor, TV and radio anchor and Winner of International High School Teacher Programme, Fellowship, CERN, Geneva.

The webinar attempted to understand the work that other individuals/ groups/ governments are already doing to promote and conserve traditional knowledge, the challenges faced and the solutions evolved. It also attempted to understand the key drivers and enablers for large scale adoption of traditional knowledge and the key gaps that still exists.

The webinar was part of the World Bank funded Community Led Landscape Management Project (CLLMP) implemented by the Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA) which aims to leverage, document and emulate Traditional Knowledge in natural resources management (NRM).

The panellists were Shri. Darshan Shankar, Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Shri.  A Balasubramaian, Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Shri. Pratim Roy, Keystone Foundation, Dr. Melari  Nongrum, Executive Director NESFAS, Shri. Mihin Dollo, Director (Natural Resource Management), NERCORMP and Dr. B.K. Tiwari, Retd Professor of Environment Department, NEHU

The participants included CLLMP officials, Government officials, Social & Developmental workers, officials from World Bank, IFAD, JICA, Arghyam, Sadhana Forest, NESFAS and prominent individuals from across the country and the globe.

The Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA) through the World Bank funded Community Led Landscape Management Project (CLLMP) aims to develop a knowledge management strategy for the Traditional Knowledge in the state.

The objective of identifying and recognizing traditional knowledge and knowledge holders, documentation of the traditional knowledge, and support in scaling up and wider application while ensuring the holders of knowledge are fairly benefitted.

The focus of the strategy will be on how to enable the indigenous communities to use Traditional Knowledge for sustainable natural resource management, in alignment with the overall objective of CLLMP.

However, it is envisaged that the principles and approaches evolved in the strategy would be universally applicable to other traditional knowledge in the state and region.

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