MPYC alleged NPP office constructed near Polo without obtaining permission from MUDA

Shillong, May 26: The current NPP Government in the State seems to be holding no bar, when it comes to flouting rules and pushing the system to work for their own personal gains alleged the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress.

Mr. Adrian L Chyne Mylliem mention that it has become very difficult to keep pace with the Govt. anomalies and failures as we are witnessing many failed projects. This attitude of bulldozing state agencies and departments has never been witnessed in our state till recently.

Latest one coming to light is nothing other than their new NPP office building near Polo grounds, the foundation for which was laid on 1st September 2020. Shockingly, while the building is almost 70% complete, NPP has not taken the approval from MUDA for the same.

Take permission for any construction, which is one of the mandatory conditions for starting construction at any site within Urban Area. It seems the authority has also turned a blind eye towards the massive construction going on in order to please the masters, while in case of ordinary citizen, even if you do extend the existing building without approval, the authority is alert enough to issue you a notice and penalty. This is construed to be a blatant use of power by the Current Dispensation.

The President of the MPYC said that as  concern Youths of the Congress, really want to know how can such a structure be constructed without approval, and why has MUDA not issued notices, and why has MUDA turned blind eye to the same, and under whose instructions this is being done.

While the structure of building will be ultra-strong, considering this is the office of the masters, and not for commoners like in case of ISBT or State Legislative Assembly building, but we believe, that the due process of approvals and regulations should have been followed as per the rule of the land.

It seems the current regime wants to flout all rules to work in their favour, and the lack of accountability is clearly visible across, even simple reports on various website including State Planning commission websites have not been updated after 2017. The question beckons, where is the transparency in Governance?

The MPYC they have also witnessed that the area where the Dome collapsed is not yet sealed and workers are seen working in that area. As per the HPC meeting that was held recently, the recommendation was to stop the work immediately and an enquiry to be initiated.

The area would have to be sealed and tampering of evidence should not be allowed. The evidences are to be extracted and sealed in front of the media before sending for laboratory test.

For a fair enquiry, the Engineer In-charge of the project should be suspended and the Minister, PWD Building should step down immediately taking moral responsibility as too many projects under his department are coming into question.

The sub-contract work allotted to BRC Ltd. could not have been more than 40% of the contract value, but it seems the tender clause has been ignored by UPRNN Ltd. whereby 100% of work is being executed by the sub-contractor.

It is about time that this“chaltahai” attitude of the people in power should come to an end. The public of this state cannot be taken for a ride any longer as we have seen for the past four years, all the failures of the Government has had a direct or an indirect impact on the well-being of the common citizens of our state. Even the stars are aligning towards exposing the rot that has been brought about by this Govt.

Their Focus to convert the identity of our state from an “Education hub” to a “Gambling hub” is a clever narrative that Chief Minister is harping upon and pushing about the road to disaster for the future generations of our people. The signs are written on the wall for the youth of the state to come forward before it is too late, said Mr. Adrian.


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