Mr. Conrad inaugurated Pig Breeding Farm at Rikwareng part of RBP Scheme

Williamnagar August 10: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma today inaugurated the newly constructed Pig Breeding farm at Rikwareng, Samanda in East Garo Hills and rolled out the Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme.

Addressing the gathering at the launch programme the Chief Minister said that through the different Mission Mode programmes, the Governmant has reach out to the rural farming communities.

He said that the Government in the last four years have made interventions to ensure rural livelihood and upscaling of income generation activities.

“4.5 lakh farming communities in the State were in dire need of a systematic programme for upscaling their livelihood and through a synergistic approach we have rolled out several programmes,” he said while informing that through the Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme, about 6000 beneficiaries will be given piglets for rearing.

He said depending on the feedback and response of the programme the Government will extend the programme to cover additional 15000 beneficiaries.

The first phase of the project is earmarked at a cost of 16.92 cr for 6000 beneficiaries wherein 24000 piglets will be distributed across the State.

He said that the Government is contemplating to accord additional ₹25 Cr for Rural Backyard Piggery scheme, a programme that is jointly funded by the State and National Livestock Mission, GoI.

He said that apart from Rural Backyard Piggery Mission, the Government is currently implementing the largest piggery scheme of ₹109 Cr in the State.

He said that through the piggery scheme the Government envisages to tap the opportunity on the shortage of pork supply in the State. He said that the Government imports pigs amounting to ₹600 Cr annually for consumption in the State.

He expressed confidence that through the intervention the shortage of pork supply can be addressed and the pig farmers will reap the benefits.

During the programme, the Chief Minister along with MLA, Williamnagar, Marcuise Marak, MLA, Rongjeng, Jim Sangma and other dignitaries distributed the piglets and also cheques to producers group under FOCUS programme.



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