N.F. Railway opened Incinerator plant at Kamakhya for pollution free environment

Maligaon, March 13: Mr  Sanjive Roy, General Manager of  N.F. Railway commissioned an Incinerator plant for solid waste management at the Kamakhya Coaching depot yesterday.

Energy will be produced in the Incinerator plant from waste collected from railway colonies and stations for producing steam which will be used in the mechanised laundry at Kamakhya Coaching depot.

The Incinerator Plant was built at a cost of about Rs. 38 lakhs. Work for the same was started on 05/12/2019 and completed recently. As per plan, waste product collected from railway stations, colonies, pit lines etc will be segregated and solid waste will be put into the primary chamber of the Incinerator plant.

In the plant, Compressed Oxygen Regulatory Technology will be used for complete burning of the solid garbage. Guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board are being observed strictly to keep the emission within the permissible limit.

The Incinerator will be burning about 150kg of solid waste per hour while producing about 800 lt hot water each hour for use in the mechanised laundry at Kamakhya Coaching depot.

It may be mentioned here that used linen from various trains terminating at Guwahati and Kamakhya stations are collected for cleaning and ironing for further use by passengers of other trains. There is a mechanised laundry at Kamakhya station area which cleans the soiled linens.

The washing and ironing process is fully mechanised with a washing capacity of 300 sets of linen (which include 2 bed sheets, 1 pillow cover and 1 towel) per hour and ironing capacity of 14 bed sheets per minute.

Softened water from a RO plant of 2000 lt per hour capacity is used to clean soiled linens. So lot of energy is required to operate the entire facility. With the introduction of this Incinerator plant, there will be savings of about 200 litres of diesel fuel per day with related saving in cost.

It is expected that with the functioning of the plant the pollution caused by improper disposal of solid garbage will come down substantially and it will also lead to less air pollution due to saving in burning of diesel fuel.


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