National Dengue day observed at Chiringpara SSA RMSA Secondary School, SWGH District 

Ampati, May 20: National Dengue Day was observed at SSA RMSA Secondary School in Chiringpara, South West Garo Hills to raise awareness about dengue, its causes, preventive measures, and control methods within the district.

The event featured Dr. B. Marak, District Malaria Officer of West Garo Hills, as the Chief Guest. T. Marak, DSEO incharge, served as the Guest of Honour. The event was also attended by Dr. L. Marak, DMO incharge SWGH, M&HO incharge Betasing PHC, DPM, NHM, and the District Malaria Team from West Garo Hills.

In her keynote address, Chief Guest Dr. B. Marak emphasized the critical importance of prevention in combating dengue, noting that there is no medicine to cure this viral disease.

She highlighted the need for households to engage in source reduction, which involves preventing waste and reducing stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. She also spoke about other vector-borne diseases.

The District Entomologist provided insights into the behavior of dengue mosquitoes, noting their daytime activity. He advised parents to use mosquito nets for infants and small children even during the day.

DSEO inchrge C T. Marak discussed the importance of education, addressing the low literacy rates in the district. He urged parents to ensure their children maintain regular study schedules and attend school consistently.

He also encouraged participants to spread the dengue prevention messages within their communities. The event included a quiz competition for students, focusing on dengue awareness and prevention methods.

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