NEHU Shillong celebrated its University Day by inviting the Rangbah Shnong of Mawkynroh

Shillong, May 26: Perhaps for the first time in its history, the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong celebrated its University Day by inviting the Rangbah Shnong of Mawkynroh.

The village in which the varsity campus is nestled, as the Chief Guest of the function which took place today. Shri. Longshai Nongkhlaw, the headman of Mawkynroh in his speech wished the University Fraternity for the University Day and also thanked the Vice-Chancellor for inviting him.

He said “For over 50 years, the University has matured into an institution with serious academic, social and cultural agenda and a clear vision for its growth.” “The University has been able to attract persons of proven academic excellence from almost all parts of the country to serve in it as its faculty and student community is drawn not only from the North East but also from other parts of the country,” he said.

Encouraging the students, Shri. Nongkhlaw said that “As a headman of the locality, I want to convey before you that there is a lot of development that is needed to be made. My beloved students the future is in your hands. Education is a great weapon. If we have to make a change we have to be a change. Therefore, on this special day I would like the students to come forward and work harder.”

Concluding his speech, the headman said “ 50 years is a long journey and I am proud that the University is standing still even today even after encountering many ups and downs. I am looking forward to many new developments and our expectation is that the University will produce many more teachers and students and who will work together to uplift the society.”

Prof. Shukla, the Vice-Chancellor of the University in his speech thanked the founding members of the University and said that “Fifty years is a long time, we have seen several generation come and go in these fifty years. And this University has also seen many generations of teachers, staff, scholars and students contribute to the growth of this University.”

He also thanked the administration staff and said “A University is a place where academics is of utmost importance. But I also know very well that administration is also an important part of the University without which perhaps we would come to a standstill.”

Prof. Shukla exhorted that “We have completed 50 years but we still have 25 more to reach 75 years and celebrate the Amrit Kaal. Let us work together and make this University shine like never before. To make that happen I need the support of everyone, The teachers, the staff, the scholars, the students and the community.

There is no denying that we have slipped a bit. We have fallen on the road. But we are not quitters, the NEHU fraternity and the students are not the kinds who give up easily.” Concluding his speech the VC said “With every fall we rise up and we start building again, stone by stone, brick by brick and make this University rise up again like a Phoenix.”

The function also witnessed the speeches delivered by the presidents of NEHUTA, NEHUNSA and NEHUSU. The President of NEHUTA, Prof. L. Kma said that NEHU has a lot to do, the University is not the same as it was 10-15 years ago and the Vice-Chancellor has a lot of responsibilities to bring back the lost glory of the Universilty while Dr. W. Synrem, the President of NEHUNSA stated that the University has achieved a lot but still has a long way to go and it requires the hard work of entire NEHU community to bring back NEHU to the level it was known for.

Ready First June Nongbsap, the President of the students’ body in his speech said that the 50th University Day. This occasion holds immense significance as it allows us to reflect upon the incredible journey of NEHU, celebrate our achievements, and envision an even brighter future.

As we gather here, we are reminded of the countless individuals who have contributed to the growth and success of our institution. From its humble beginnings, we have become a vibrant and diverse community, NEHU has been a beacon of knowledge, fostering intellectual curiosity and nurturing the talents of young minds.

He also said that “let us not forget the dedicated faculty members who have guided us along this path of discovery. They have imparted knowledge, instilled critical thinking, and inspired us to dream bigger.

Their unwavering commitment to excellence has molded us into confident individuals ready to face the world.” While concluding his speech Mr. Nongbsap said that “On this momentous occasion, let us strive for academic excellence, foster a spirit of inclusivity, and create an environment where every student can thrive. Let us uphold the values of integrity, respect, and compassion that define NEHU. Let us embrace our roles as future leaders and use our knowledge to make a positive impact in society.”






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