NEHUSU claim that they have received more letter alleged against Mr. Nantu Das   

Shillong, November 21: Following the news that has come up in the public eye, there has been numerous cases that have come up against the accused person Mr. Nantu Das, in-charge of security and Assistance Director of Sports Department NEHU with a complaint letter addressed to the NEHUSU.

Whereas, on examination by the NEHUSU these followed up complaints have been found that the accused has been indulged in multiple instances of sexual misconduct where victims have been struck with fear in disclosing their identity to the Public eye.

Following the incident, there has also been reports by students especially the Research Scholars saying that their guides have been indulging in such shameful acts. NEHUSU has received several other complaints of sexual misconduct from various students.

These appalling conditions are a proof that Moral policing mechanisms like hostel curfew, Evening security patrolling and so on has proven to be ineffective rather counter-productive.

It has led to further desertion of university streets in the evening which makes it unsafe for students to stroll. NEHUSU understands that there is desperate need for gender sensitization in the campus of the students, faculty and the staffs.There is a need to sensitize the university community of consent, boundaries and what constitutes harassment.

NEHUSU in this regard will, in the coming days, initiate the process of Gender Sensitization through workshops, seminars, lectures and most importantly the formation of Gender Sensitization committee which shall take up the cases of sexual violence, violation of consent and shall also take up various activities of sensitization.

More cases of sexual misconduct are bound to come up in the public domain in the coming days as the students are becoming more and more empowered due to the support and solidarity shown to them by the student community and the Union.

NEHUSU once again reiterate that our commitment to realizing a gender just and a safe campus space is resolute and uncompromising. The present NEHUSU is committed to eradicate these shameful acts by any staff, administration officials or faculties towards any students.

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