NESFAS’ launched the  Solar Power Initiative promotes organic policy in agriculture: Banteidor

Shillong, Nov 08: The Solar Power Initiative under NESFAS’ “No One Shall Be Left Behind Initiative” funded by REC was officially launched on the 8th of November 2021 at Mawpynthymmai village.

The Solar Power initiative was undertaken to address climate change through sustainable energy, i.e solar energy. Community members of the village and NESFAS team were present in the inaugural function with Banteidor Lyngdoh, MLA Mawkynrew village attending as the Chief Guest.

For many years now, Mawpynthymmai village in Mawkynrew area, relied only on basic solar power source for minimal electrification, and at their own capacity.

In the hope to provide access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy services, Mawpynthymmai village is now completely electrified in which all 24 households now have access to basic electricity.

Pius Ranee Executive Director, NESFAS, speaking at the event revelled in the huge milestone NESFAS has achieved by starting the process of introducing renewable energy though solar panels. He expressed his gratitude to Bah Khraw and his other colleagues for making the initiative a successful undertaking.

NESFAS had already worked with Mawynthymmai in promoting traditional modes of farming through door to door educational campaigns in the past. The main objective behind it had been to formulate a model structure on organic farming at Mawpynthymmai village which would help become gateway of change to the other villages in the adjoining area.

Bah Pius stated that the renewable energy initiative will not only benefit the community by providing clean energy and employment to youths but also help in preserving and conserving traditional modes of farming.

The community members present were also extremely positive about the solar initiative with the firm belief that the initiative would help the community in every way.

The solar energy has been a boon for them, providing light for children to study long into the night and there is a sense of duty among the community to take care and maintain the solar panels and other components.

Babu Nestar Kharmawphlang, a school teacher from Laitsohpliah stated that Green Energy is the need of the hour in the era we live in and believes NESFAS has taken up a great initiative powering and electrifying the whole of Mawpynthymmai village through solar energy. “The electricity will not only give power to the village households but also enliven their livelihoods.” he said.

Wanlamjingkmen Pyngrope, Village Headman of Mawpynthymmai villageprofuselythanked NESFAS for bringing much needed change to the village.“I’m very delighted to say that the initiative of solar lighting in our village has been fruitful with the helping hand of NESFAS”.

He also reserved his praises for all the community members and everyone involved in the solar initiative for making the project a successful undertaking.

Bah Khrawborlang Wahlang, Adviser & Innovation Empowerment, NESFAS, in turnexpressed his appreciation to the village administration for their cooperation with the NESFAS team and also for their relentless hardwork.

“As this is the first time the whole village will be able to see their houses being electrified, this initiative will be a blessing for the village.” He added.

Banteidor Lyngdoh MLA,Mawkynrew, who officially inaugurated the projectstated that the initiative as a whole was to promote organic policy. Addressing to the community and other members present, he expressed his elation for being a part of such an event.

He commended the good work that NESFAS has done in the village andexpressed his appreciation to the NESFAS team under the leadership of H.M Mohrmen.

He further sought the coorperation of NESFAS to assist the Agricultural Department in promoting the traditional food of the rural communities of Meghalaya.He also assured that Mawpynthymmai village would get proper road connectivityin the very near future.

Kong Jingim Misda Pyngrope, Treasurer Durbar Shnong Mawpynthymmai shared, “I’m very happy to inform you that since the coming of NESFAS in our village, it has been a blessing for us and today, with the initiative of solar lighting, it has boosted the development and balance of this area.

The initiative was a striving step, the process and procedure brought light to the hundreds of faces in the area. Hopefully, in the coming days, with the help of NESFAS, our village will be the gateway of change for the adjoining villages in this area.”

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