NESO will demonstrate on Thursday to protest the crime committed by Security Forces

Shillong, Dec 06: The North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) which comprises of the  eight major students movement in the seven North Eastern states, will be organising programmes in all the state capital of all the North Eastern states on the 9th December 2021.

This protest will be  as a mark of protest against the heinous act committed by the security forces at Oting village in Mon district of Nagaland on the 4th December 2021 which resulted to the death of 14 people and injuries to many others.

This programme is also to show our solidarity with the people of Oting village in particular and the people of Nagaland in general who are going through this heart stricken grief.

The NESO once again is reiterating that the Government of India should show its willingness and sincerity for peace to prevail in North East by repealing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 (AFSPA).

Otherwise it will only be seen as an act of aggression and suppression of the voice of the people by using the military power at their disposal without a concern for the well being of the people of the region, said Mr. Samuel B Jyrwa  Chairman NESO.

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