Person having required document will be enrol in the Electoral Roll: SDO

Sohra, January 28: The Civil Sub Divisional Officer  of Sohra  Mr C V D Diengdoh said that person who has all the required document prescribe by the election commission will be enrol in the electoral roll so that they can exercise their franchise.

Speaking to SP News Agency in his officer Chamber, said that from his part he can neither reject or accept  but he has to follow the procedure frame by the election commission, if the document are in proper he cannot denied any body’s right  but if the document are not in proper he has to reject.

The SDO civil of Sohra Civil Sub Division while answering to queries about the Indian people living in the border with Bangladesh under Bhalaganj Constituency. He said that the election commission of India is aware about this fact, and since this area is bordering with the International Border the matter is very sensitive and they have to be cautious in dealing with it.

The SDO said that people living in thus villages having all the document prescribe by the election commission they can submit the enrolment form and the acknowledge receipts will be given to the applicant. After that the office will examine all the document wether the applicant is eligible or not to get enrol in the electoral roll.

The SDO clear mention that the applicant should not be misunderstood that he will get enrol because he has applied. The receipt that has been given to he or she is just to show that their application has been received in the office but this dose not means that they will get enrol in the electoral roll.

At the same time any people who has any doubt about any person that they should not be enrol in the electoral roll they can file a complain and the office has to verified  about the complaint  if the office found that is true he or she will be removed but if its is not true it cannot be deleted. The SDO repeated by saying that since the incident has come to the knowledge of the election commission they will judiciously deal with the issued.(SP News)

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