President CSWO alleged that Coal is being transported from Maweit Shallang area

Shillong, Feb 09: The CSWO president was informed that coal is being transported from Shallang, Maweit, where coal mining is carried out.

These photos taken yesterday daytime in village Iewnongma before Outpost Police Langpih.The trucks are Hiding in forest Iew Nongma daytime and move at night and cross through Langpih to Boko Assam.

The route is through NH to Rwiang near Nongstoin and from Rwiang take the road to Langpih village. This coal seen here is fresh coal definitely. So Meghalaya Government  is lying that there is no coal mining.

The CSWO president alleged that about 30-40 trucks ply through frequently. Now question is who collects the royalty and who maintains all this detail,KHADC, DMR, Transport, DC, Police, Politicians, Assam, DC, Police, Income Tax, are they aware of all this Who issues the Challan? Who assessed the coal? This is Blatant violation of orders of Supreme Court indeed.

The CSWO is also informed about Semingkri village not found in South Garo Hills, when a person from Meghalaya filed a petition through a lawyer to the NGT Principal Bench at Delhi.

The Government when made aware of serious such reports should immediately send DGP, SP, DC to inspect and give a correct report immediately. If no action is taken immediately, then Meghalaya Government is in connivance in looting and cheating the public of the State.

The CSWO urge that the Government of Meghalaya should take immediate action and send the DGP, SP, and DC to inquire and file a report providing actual DATA and not cheat the public at large.

The CSWO are also informed that water bodies are being depleted in areas where coal has been mined, so the  Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board too should be sent to assess the situation immediately because polluted water will affect the lives of those staying in those areas and they may cannot inform the authorities out of fear. Said Smti Agnes Kharshiing President CSWO.

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