President CSWO asked government to expatiate Argive qualified Graade IV

Shillong, Jan 16: Expressing concerned over the aggrieved qualified Graade IV candidates CSWO urged upon the government to expedite steps and address the issues with immediate effect.

In a letter to the Chief Secretary, WMS Pariat, the CSWO has demanded immediate intervention, those adhoc appointees in all Government of Meghalaya Offices / Corporations are terminated and follow procedures and rules should be laid down for appointments to the State of Meghalaya, and extension of validity for the DSC passed candidates.

CSWO president, Agnes Kharshiing said that it is very unfortunate that the many Rules and regulations laid down are being violated by the Public Servants who are serving for the State of Meghalaya.

“There seems to be a chaos in the System of Governance and no rules are applied except a violation, which is not expected of Government servants who are paid by public money to serve diligently in the best interest of the people of the State,” she said.

She also alleged that this in turn is leading to agitations and protests by genuine candidates who are deprived of their right to work and also giving an opportunity to opportunists to create law and order problems, whereby Police are made to leave their actual serious cases, like rapes and rising crimes against women and serious scams in the State, and made to stand the whole day to guard the protesters.

Therefore in the best interest of governance and smooth functioning of the system of Governance it would be strongly recommended that immediate action is taken to cancel/ terminate all adhoc and back door appointees and immediately issue notice, to all Officers serving as Public servants in the various departments of the Government of Meghalaya, to immediately terminate all adhoc appointees / back door appointees, and to follow the service Rules and proper procedures laid down by the Government and also to inform DSC when there are any vacant posts as is laid down in the rules, She said.(SP News)




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