Price of milk pasteurized milk revised to Rs. 67/- per litre in West Garo Hills District

Shillong, March 30: The Senior Dairy Officer & Chief Executive Officer, DSIDD, West Garo Hills has informed that the price of milk has been increased and fixed at a DSIDD meeting which was held on 27th March, 2023 in the office chamber of the Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman DSIDD, West Garo Hills.

The revised rate for procurement of raw milk at collection point is Rs. 55/- per litre, procurement of raw milk at plant is Rs. 57/- per litre, selling of pasteurized milk to agents (distributors) and retailers is Rs. 63/- and Rs. 65/- per litre respectively, selling of pasteurized milk directly to customers is Rs. 67/- per litre.

Procurement price of cream is Rs. 360/- per kg, selling price of cream is Rs. 460/- per kg as MRP and Rs. 450/- per kg for agents, selling price of butter is Rs. 660/- per kg as MRP and Rs. 650/- per kg for agents and selling price ghee is Rs. 760/- per kg as MRP and Rs. 750/- per kg for agents.The revised price of milk and milk products will be effective from 1st April, 2023.

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