Rapido and Meghalaya EC’s offers free bike rides in Shillong during General Elections 2024

Shillong, April 17: In a resolute commitment to fortify the nation’s democratic fabric, Rapido, India’s foremost commute app, assumes a pivotal role in national duty with the launch of the “SawaariZimmedariKi” initiative.

In collaboration with the Meghalaya State Election Commission, Rapido sets forth to champion civic engagement during the Indian General Elections 2024. As part of this historic endeavor, Rapido pledges to provide free bike taxi rides to voters in Shillong on the 19th April.

On election day, voters can avail free rides on the Rapido app using the code ‘VOTENOW’ and exercise their democratic right. The initiative aims to facilitate residents’ voting rights and ensure a more inclusive electoral process. This concerted effort aligns with Rapido’s nationwide campaign, deploying over 10 lakh captains across more than 100 cities to provide free rides on election-day.

Rapido’s partnership with the Meghalaya State Election Commission reflects its commitment to being a brand that drives positive change for a better society. Rapido’s Co-founder Pavan Guntupalli said, they  are undertaking this initiative to ensure that every voter inShillongcan successfully fulfill their civic duty by casting their votes in the Indian General Election 2024.

By offering these free rides, we are facilitating democracy in action. Our Rapido captains in Meghalaya are more than just drivers; they are ambassadors of civic engagement, enabling greater voter turnout and promoting a more representative electoral system in the world’s largest democracy.

Rapido’spartnership with the Meghalaya State Election Commission underscores its commitment to being a brand that drives change for a better society.

Through initiatives like this, Rapido continues to demonstrate its dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people across the country. This initiative emphasizes Rapido’s dedication to empower and encourage the voter population of Meghalaya to exercise their democratic right by casting their vote.

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