Several candidates are deploying vehicles display flags of political nature without permission

Shillong, Feb 20: It has come to the notice of the office of the Assistant Commissioner and Officer inchrage Model Code of Conduct Cell that several candidates are deploying vehicles are that display flags of political nature without having obtained due authorisation from the concerned Returning Officer. This is a blatant violation of law. Therefore, the following provisions have been invoked in case this is seen any further

1. Use of Party Flags, Banners by Party Workers at their Residences

i) Subject to restrictions under Motor Vehicle Act and court orders in force, the political parties, candidates, their agents, workers and supporters may put up banners, buntings, flags, cut-outs, on their own property, provided they do so on their own volition, voluntarily and without any pressure from any party, organization or person, and provided further that these do not cause any inconvenience in any manner to anyone else. If such display of banners, flags etc., aims to solicit vote for any particular candidate, then the provisions of Section 171H of the Indian Penal Code would be attracted and necessary action would be taken under the said provision.

(ii) No person shall put any flag or banner or sticker of big size on any vehicle except with prior permission of the Competent Authority, and subject to the relevant provisions of law and court direction/orders, if any

2. The permits for the vehicles being used by the candidates will be issued by the District Magistrate/Returning Officer. They shall display the permits issued on the wind-screen of the vehicles.

Any vehicle used for campaigning without due authorization/ permit, shall be deemed to be unauthorisedly campaigning for the candidate and may attract penal provisions of Chapter IX A of the Indian Penal Code. It shall immediately be taken out of the campaigning exercise.

3. All Flags/ Vehicles/Banners/Other electioneering material being used by the candidates have to be duly accounted for in the day-to-day expenditure of the candidate. A failure to do so shall attract action under Section 77 of the Representation of People Act 1951.

Sector Officers have been instructed to take strict action against erring vehicles that do not display their permit, both for the vehicle and for the flag/banner/sticker.



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