State Govt should provide onetime assistance to people who are self quarantine: Roy

Shillong, April 20: The general secretary of the Hynniewtreps’ Youth Council (HYC) Mr Roy Kupar Synrem sent memorandum to the Chief Minister Mr Conrad K Sangma requesting the state government to give onetime financial assistance to thus families and person who have to done home quarantine for 28 days.

The general secretary of the HYC pointed out that, after this exercise, majority of these people were being asked to self quarantine at their respective houses and not to mixed with other people in their family or in their villages or locality. Not only them but even their family members are advised to keep themselves locked at home.

The HYC appreciated this exercise of the Government and the people of the State as a whole in order to prevent the spread of the Virus in our State. However, having said that, the HYC  are concern as to how these people or families who have been asked to self quarantine for a period of 28 days.

How  will survive if they are not allow to come out of their houses and buy essential commodities or if for that specific period they are not in employment, given the facts that most of these primary and secondary contacts, belong to areas outside of Shillong and maybe does  not have a regular income to sustain themselves.

Based on the above facts and circumstances and the HYC is of the opinion that the State Government should initiate actions to those families or persons, who were asked to self quarantine, the Government should provide a onetime assistance of Rs 5000 per family as was done to the residents of the State who are stranded outside.

The Government should initiate steps to ensure that these quarantined families and persons are not deprived of their basic necessities during the period of quarantine. Volunteers should be appointed in each village and localities where persons who are self quarantine are there.

To ensure that essential commodities are delivered to these households and without any delivery charges, so that these persons are encouraged to follow the strict quarantined procedures and complete it as advised. Assistance of local authorities may be taken in this regard.

That, after the 1st Covid-19 Case was detected in the State, the Government took immediate steps to trace the people, both primary and secondary, who came in contact with the said patient or who visited the vicinities of Bethany Hospitals both at Shillong and Nongpoh within a specific period.

Subsequently help lines for reporting were established as well as the personnel of the Health Departments in the Village level also were activated to trace any such persons in their jurisdiction.

This exercise led to a massive response from the people who either directly or indirectly came into contact with the particular patient or had visited the said two vicinities.

Although the State Government has announced certain activities like MNREGS Works, Agricultural activities, etc to be exempted from the Lockdown from 20th April, it is a fact that these people and families will not be able to work until they are quarantined for the specific period as advised and thus will not be able to economically support themselves and their families.

These are hard facts which need to be addressed at the earliest by the authorities concern. The memorandum was sign by the General secretary of the HYC central body Mr Roy kupar Synrem.







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