STIEH sent objection against the Environmental Clearance granted to M/s Star Cement Ltd

Shillong, July 01: The organization Saindur Tipkur-Tipkha Ieng Ehrngiew Hynniewtrep (STIEH) today has sent letter to the  Director Impact Assessment Division Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Government of India, New Delhi, objecting against the Environmental Clearance granted to M/s Star Cement Ltd.

The organization Saindur Tipkur – Tipkha Ieng Ehrngiew Hynñiewtrep (STIEH) a Women Social Organization, bring to the notice of the recently granted Environmental Clearance by the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change to M/s Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd for the Mining Lease of Limestone and Shale in 42.051 Ha of land of Brishyrnot, ElakaNarpuh, East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya dated 8th June, 2021, F.N.O.J – 1015/17//2019. IA. II (M) without any Public Consultation or Public Hearing.

It is a matter of great concern to see that the Ministry issued Environmental Clearance to the above mentioned Company despite stiff opposition by majority of the local people of ElakaNarpuh and Jaiñtia Hills as a whole, where the proposed Limestone and Shale Quarrying at Brishyrnot, ElakaNarpuh, East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya is a forest land of more than 42 Hectare.

In the letter sent to the Director Impact Assessment Division Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Government of India, STIEH said that, the aforesaid proposed quarrying is near Narpuh Wildlife Sanctuary inhabituated by various endangered localanimals and species.

Furthermore that the aforesaid proposed Quarrying plan almost surrounded by three famous rivers i.eWahLukha, Wah Lunar and UmsoNalla which stand as the main source of livelihood for local fisherman in the area.

Moreover inside the aforesaid proposed Quarrying plan there are famous Natural Tourism destination which will be generated to hundred and thousand household in the area if the Government initiate developmental and promotional program to both Chympe Natural Cave and Chympe Natural and attractive fall located in the area.

So due to the above mentioned circumstance the Public at large strongly opposed the Company Proposal since the beginning through official letters sent to the District Administration, Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board and the State Government of Meghalaya and also through stiff opposition from the people as publicly appeared in three Public Hearing conducted by the District Administration.

Surprisingly the management of the Company and the concerned authority of the State Government along with self vested group of person has played and undue influence and coercive means by influencing the simple Villagers of Brishyrnot Village, who are living in an innocent, simple life.

It was also of the utter shock to see that despite the opposition of the Public, the District Administration and the State Government were aware about all the facts but sent forward the false data to your Ministry without respect of the voice and opinion of the public and the society which is injustice, arbitrary and undemocratic approached.

So the 280 signatories or people does not have any right to decide the future, life and livelihood of thousand and lakhs of families in the surrounding area of ElakaNarpuh.

For your knowledge that as of now the common people of the area has been suffering from various types of difficulties caused by ongoing Mining Activities of several Cement Factories in the area. Lukha River has been contaminated and severely hampered and affected to aqua habitations, harmful for human use, and environment has been randomly destroyed and deteriorated.

The common people are only a silent spectators though they suffered a great lost especially the environment and natural resources. Their future are completely spoiled and next generation will face severe and major setback and their life will be at stake.

The organization STIEH request and appeal to Director Impact Assessment Division Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Government of India, to intervene and revoke the Environmental Clearance given to M/s Star Cement  Meghalaya Ltd in  the interest of livelihood and betterment of our people and the environment. The letter was sign by Smti Deiwi Tongper president and Smt. Agnes Kharsohnoh Secretary Stieh.

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