Supercare Hospital Shillong performed first Alloplastic Jaw Transplant done in N.E India

Shillong, Nov 04:  A 24 year old female patient from West Khasi Hills ,Meghalaya reported to the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) Supercare Hospital, Shillong on the 24th Oct 2022 with chief complaints of severe pain in Bilateral temporo-mandibular joints (TMJs) which is a sliding joints connecting the lower jaw bone to the skull.

She had difficulty in eating and chewing food, difficulty in opening and closing of her mouth as well as difficulty in biting her upper & lower teeth for past one year and progressive development of open bite. Her MRI showed bilateral degenerative TM joint disease.

A team of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (who are a part of Oncomax NE association) headed by Dr.Bobby Linda Majaw from Shillong and Dr.Ashutosh Vatsyayan from Guwahati carried out what is possibly the first ever CAD/CAM Alloplastic Bilateral Temporo-mandibular Joint replacement surgery in a private set up in North East India at Supercare Hospital ,Shillong.

The custom fabricated implant was manufactured from TMJ CONSULTANCY SERVICES from Bhopal under the guidance of Dr. Darpan Bhargava. The operation lasted for 8 hours.

Dr. P S Chakraborty, Co-director of OncomaxNe and who is currently pursuing his MSc. in Clinical Oncology at Birmingham, UK also expressed his happiness at the team’s successful surgery. Post the surgery, the patient had no pain in her TMJ and was able to open and close her mouth properly.

The entire surgery was supported with MHIS government health insurance scheme. The entire team of doctors included are Dr. Debashish Borkotoky (OMFS) and Anaesthetists Dr. Sangeeta Kar and Dr. Janardhan Bordoloi.


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