The BJP  for the first time announced candidates in all 60 assembly seats in Meghalaya

Shillong, Feb 04: BJP has for the first time announced candidates in all 60 assembly seats in Meghalaya. The BJP, in a press statement, said that the people of Meghalaya have grown to admire the vision, commitment, and dedication of PM Modi in delivering on promises and in working for the development and progress of all people in the country.

Various BJP led state governments in the country have also proven their commitment to work for the people. The people of Meghalaya have seen this, and have experienced this in the form benefits under Central Government schemes.

The BJP claim that, the people of Meghalaya now want a BJP led government in the state too. In fielding 60 candidates, the BJP has only given wings to the wishes of the people of the state.

On the choice of candidates too, the BJP extruded confidence in the selection. The party said that candidates are selected on the basis of their work, and on the basis of their acceptability among the people.

On the question of some of the aspiring candidates threatening to leave the party and contesting, the BJP said that it was natural for some aspirants who had been denied tickets to feel bad, and sometimes even level unfounded allegations against the party. The BJP is sympathetic towards such sentiments.

“We are humans, we have feelings, and this reaction is natural,” the party said. However, we in the BJP believe in working for the nation through the party and not in working for any one individual.

Therefore, the party expects all its members to work as one unit irrespective of the ticket distribution. However, ours being a democracy, every individual was free to contest on their own as well. The BJP is committed to the people and everyone who is in the BJP is committed to the same.

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