The BJP is not asking permission from the State Govtto conduct CBI inquiry: Bernard

Shillong, Oct 6: The BJP is not asking permission from the State Government to conduct CBI inquiry on misuse of Central funds in the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs).

State is not the authority of ADCs and they should know their limits so the question of them granting permission for CBI inquiry in GHADC on misuse of Central funds is illogical.

Mr Lakhmen Rymbui should understand that State has no authority to allow or oppose CBI investigation where Central funds are involved. There is a strong ground for CBI to come in. Moreover, GHADC is not under State Government.

Meghalaya is a general state functioning in the Sixth Schedule areas of the Hill tribals where State has no control over the tribal affairs which makes it not the authority of tribals.

Since the land is not under State, the law of the land is not the “State law” but the “Tribal law”. State Government should refrain from trying to distract the minds of the public by interfering in the CBI inquiry in GHADC. District Councils are autonomous bodies which do not fall under the State Government.

State Government has limited role in the Sixth Schedule areas as the land does not belong to the state and Council which controls the land matters fall under the provision of the Sixth Schedule to the Indian Constitution.

State cannot function above the provisions of the Constitution so how can State oppose CBI inquiry? The Constitution of India and the Land Acquisition Act which was amended in 2013 restricts the State from functioning independently in the Scheduled areas and even restricts State in owning land without proper acquisition. So, state should understand its jurisdiction and limitations.

It should stop interfering in GHADC matters where Central fund is involved. BJP also questions whether Director of Local Fund Audit (DLFA) can actually audit the Central funds which has been musused? Local Fund Audit can audit PLA 1 (Personal Ledger Account 1) which is GHADC’s own fund but auditing Central funds is doubtful.

In Garo Hills, there is a big conspiracy to cripple the BJP leaders from revealing more corruption in the State. BJP leaders are filing RTIs after RTIs to track down implementation of BJP sponsored central schemes in the state and that has moved most of the leaders to adopt unlawful steps.

The people involved in corruption are so powerful that they are hiring ex-terrorists to threaten and terrorise  the BJP leaders in Garo Hills. Garo BJP leaders have filed FIRs against some of these “Political Gundas” but since money can buy anything, unemployed youths fall prey to them. These “Gundas” are trying to ignite communal conflict between the smaller tribes and the Garos.

They kidnap, assault and extort but police are helpless as political leaders are protecting these political goons. These people are very active in social media using fake accounts and posting communal posts with motives to ignite communal disharmony among their followers.

These people are politically backed and financed which has become easy influence for the youths. They are even protected by the political leaders and police are handicapped from taking action against them even if they assault, extort or kidnap. Such trend will further destroy Garo Hills especially youths.

BJP will not stop fighting corruption no matter how hard it is, said Mr Bernard N Marak State Vice President, BJP Meghalaya in the Press statement issued today to the media houses.

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