The BJP promises to complete all pending Projects if it form the Govt in Meghalaya: Ernest

Shillong, Kyllalyngkot 10: The BJP today promised that it will complete all pending projects of the previous governments, including all the projects that Conrad Sangma has so hurriedly inaugurated even though incomplete.

The BJP said that the many previous governments had laid foundation stones and inaugurated many incomplete projects just before elections. This is a common trend that we have been experiencing in Meghalaya. Political parties think that the voters have short term memory and launching projects before elections will get them votes.

The BJP State President, Ernest Mawrie said that the BJP was committed to completing all the meritorious projects on a priority basis immediately after forming the next government.

As part of the BJP’s 100 Days Priority Plan, the BJP led government will constitute a committee to list out all the pending and incomplete projects in Meghalaya and will prioritize them on the basis of their need and merit.

Mr. Mawrie condemned the government for trying to fool the public by inaugurating a plethora of projects just before elections. He said the people can see right through the ploy of the NPP.

The people see and realise that this is the same government that was sitting on its hands for four and half years, and is now in a hurry to launch everything. The people are disgusted by the fact that the elections are prompting the NPP to cut corners and launch incomplete and sub-standard projects.

He said that the BJP were in the government only for the sake of stability in the state. However, this did not prevent the BJP from bringing the fallacies of the government to the fore.

The party has been doing it since day one. Mawrie highlighted how it was the BJP that had called attention to the corruption in the government about 2 years ago.

Mr. Mawrie said that the BJP will work for the people, and any project that will benefit the state and its people will be completed by the BJP led government on priority. They  will ensure that the projects are completed in the shortest possible time and with the best possible quality.

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