The Creation of the Eastern WKH District is to bring administration closer to the public: Conrad

Mairang, Nov 10: The Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma in the presence of Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Metbah Lyngdoh and other cabinet ministers and MLAs inaugurated the new district of ‘Eastern West Khasi Hills’, which was bifurcated from its parent district of West Khasi Hills.

The new district comprises of Mairang and Mawthadraishan C&RD blocks respectively. Mairang is one of the oldest civil sub-divisions, which was inaugurated on November 10, 1976 and exactly after 45 years, it was upgraded to a new district.

The new district will be headquartered at Mairang.Inaugurating the new district of ‘Eastern West Khasi Hills’ amidst a festive mood in Mairang, Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma said that the new district will bring administration closer to the people.

He said that the new district was a long felt aspiration and desire of the people and government had to consider it after screening different parameters. He also told the gathering about his visit to Mairang as an opposition leader, where people had spelt out on the need for creation of a new district.

“The new district was created not because it is in Khasi Hills or Jaintia Hills or Garo Hills but purely on basis of certain parameters, which had put the region in the bottom list of all developmental activities. We wanted to bring administration closer to the people and hence the 12th district of the State was created,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to inform the people of the State that MDA government has always kept the peoples issues as top priority. “Whatever concerns the people have raised, including those which were raised earlier, our MDA government has been very prompt to find an amicable solution to address the concerns,” he added.

“We have been a public oriented and a people centric government, a government that is for the people of our State,” he stressed.

He also told the gathering that whenever as Chief Minister, he inaugurates a development project there is always discontentment in certain parts of the State as he is labelled of being ‘selective’ and ‘preferential’ in carrying out development activities.

“Whenever I inaugurate a development project in Khasi Hills, inevitably there is a message from Garo Hills, saying what about Garo Hills whenever I inaugurate a project in Garo Hills, there is a message what about Jaintia Hills riends, let me tell you that this MDA government does not discriminate based on tribe, caste, creed or religion we don’t  differentiate between Khasi, Garo or Jaintia Hills  wherever development is required, we take decision to spread developmental activities,” he asserted.

Clarifying on the naming of the new district, the Chief Minister said that several consultations were made and different people were asked for their opinions.

“We are a matrilineal society, so we felt that some linkage with the parent district should be incorporated. Hence the cabinet felt that since the region falls in the Eastern part of West Khasi Hills, we should name it as Eastern West Khasi Hills.”

Speaking on the occasion, Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh stated that it was a historic day for the people of the region. He also expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma and the government for considering the long felt demand of the people.

“During the pandemic some people had impressed on me to open the new district with the restrictions of 50 guests but I believe that each individual of Mairang and Mawthadraishan must witness and partake in this important milestone personally,” he said.

“This is a day of victory dedicated to the people and I thank them for being here with all of us. I’m  happy to say that the Hon’ble CM and all the MLAs of MDA are individuals who have the same vision to work for the people”.

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