Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District has issued  on Mask-Wearing Protocols

Shillong, May 05: The Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District has issued  on Mask-Wearing Protocols and in view of the highly infectious variant of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus, in which mask-wearing has been classified as an important strategy to suppress transmission and save lives, And whereas mask usage amongst the population in East Khasi Hills in general and Shillong Urban Area in particular.

It  has been observed to be sloppy and careless, and in some cases as a mere formality whenever law enforcement agencies are around, And whereas masks made with fabrics such as cotton are commonly used by many but may be inadequate for maximum protection, Hence to prevent further transmission of the virus, all persons who step out of their homes, move in public or interact with persons not from their household, are required to ensure.

They should wear a three ply surgical mask or N-95 mask.  Cotton masks if worn must be layered with a three ply surgical mask underneath. Plastic or leather masks, mask made from loosely woven material, knitted masks, masks made of fabric that lets light pass through, or masks made with only one layer of fabric do not ensure protection and are not recommended.

Person using such mask will switch to appropriate protective masks at the earliest. Wearing of mask on chin, or lowering of mask while speaking, or wearing mask without covering the nose must be avoided at all costs since there is zero protection in such cases.

Persons who are mobile or move around frequently are advised to wear masks inside their homes as well, especially when around elderly or co-morbid family members. Detailed guidelines for wearing masks including use, storage, cleaning and disposal as notified in the aforesaid government protocol are to be followed by all citizens.

A casual attitude towards proper mask wearing can potentially cause rapid transmission of the virus, hence endangering lives and may be considered an offence, for which action will be taken as deemed fit and proper. Said the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

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