The Garo NGOs of Assam opposed the decision on amalgamation of LP and ME Garo Schools

Shillong, August 07: The various Garo NGOs of Assam held the meeting at Dudhnoi on Saturday and in the meeting they have discussed the issued that the Assam Government has taken decision related to the current amalgamation and shifting of the Garo Medium LP and ME Schools by the Government of Assam.They also discussed the ongoing border problems between Assam and Meghalaya and the problems of the evicted Garo people in the district of Hojai.

After prolong discussions, the meeting resolved that the current policy of amalgamation and shifting of the Garo medium LP and ME Schools with some other schools etc, is not acceptable to the Garo people of Assam; in the meeting they have resolved to continue opposing it and demand that the Government should withdraw the current amalgamation exercise and the status and position of the Garo Medium LP and ME Schools should be kept as before.

The NGOs termed the move of the Government as a policy to completely abolish the Garo medium schools and the posts of Teachers in the Schools of Assam. Secondly, the discussion was on the current border problems that emerged out of the ongoing interstate readjustment of boundaries between the states of Assam and Meghalaya.

The leaders of the NGOs present in the meeting came together to the point that there should not be any conflict between or among the Garo people themselves as to which side they should remain in Meghalaya or Assam. No individual or a family should be forced or harassed simply by taking the border issue.

The leaders urged the other NGOs not to instigate the villagers living in the border areas with bad intention of bringing inter village enmity or to create any misunderstanding among the members of the villages.

And the GSU Assam State Zone along with all Garo NGOs’ of Assam have also appealed to political parties from both the states not to politicize the issue and take political mileage out of border dispute considering that Garos reside on both sides of Assam and Meghalaya Thirdly, the discussion was on the problems of the Garo people of the Paglabasti and Dekabasti villages under Hojai ditrict of Assam.

The leaders of the NGOs strongly reiterate their stand that the Government of Assam must take the responsibility to speed up the rehabilitation works to the evicted victims belonging to the Garos and other tribal people. The Garo NGOs that were present in the meeting include the Garo Students’ Union(GSU), the Garo National Council(GNC), the Garo National Union (GNU).

Inter State Border Association, the Achik Socialist Youth Front of India (ASYFI), the Garo Sahitya Sabha (GSS), All Garo Gaonbura Association (AGGA), the Dudhnoi College Garo Students’ Union (DCGSU) and others. Said Mr. Sengman Areng Vice President, Garo Students’Union, Assam State Zone in the press statement.

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